The celebrated Today View of iPhone is Shelf in your OnePlus smartphones. If you are using a OnePlus 6 smartphone updated with the latest OxygenOS, you can customize the Shelf on your device. Shelf basically allows users to quickly access some important and useful widgets on your OnePlus 6. For example, if you want to send a WhatsApp message to your friend or colleague, you can swipe from left to right on your phone screen and find the WhatsApp from the Recent app’s widget. You would love to use and customize Shelf on your OnePlus 6.

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Unfortunately, like iOS devices, Shelf doesn’t work on locked screens. Whatever it is, you would like to use Shelf and customize it on your OnePlus 6.

How to Use and Customize Shelf on OnePlus 6

How to Customize Shelf on OnePlus 6

Step #1. On the home screen of your mobile phone, swipe from left to right.

Step #2. This will bring up Shelf with some widgets; Memo, Recent contacts, and Recent apps are the default widgets you will see there. However, you can remove these three to clear the Shelf.

Step #3. You can reposition the widget up and down on the screen; for this, simply press and hold the widget and drag on the screen.

Step #4. To resize the widget, drag the white circle at the bottom (when you press and hold a widget, you will see that white circle).

Step #5. Next, if you want to remove a particular widget, you need to tap the red button seen on the right corner of the widget.

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Step #6. In case you want to add a new widget, you should tap on ‘+’ button in round shape.

Step #7. Tap on Widget icon and select your choice of a widget from the list.

As mentioned above, you can completely remove widget or all widgets from the Shelf.

How to Disable Shelf on OnePlus 6

Though Shelf is one of the productivity-enhancers in your OnePlus 6, you may have right to disable this feature from your smartphone. The process to turn off Shelf is quite easy.

Step #1. On the Home screen of your OnePlus 6, pinch in.

Step #2. Now tap on HOME SETTINGS.

Step #3. Next, toggle the switch next to Shelf OFF.

From now on, Shelf will never appear on your phone even if you swipe from left to right on the home screen. The shelf is a leading feature in OnePlus Launcher. But if you don’t like its features, you can download some third-party launchers on your Android device.

That’s all friends!

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Given the useful features of Shelf, you would never entertain the idea of discarding it altogether. Would you like to use Shelf on your OnePlus 6? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.