You must be thinking that what the Blue Light Filter is? And why the biggest tech giants are adding the function on their operating systems? Let me explain you; the Blue Light Filter is one of the most useful features of Windows 10 PC and Mac systems to comfort your eyes when you go to sleep after the use of a computer. Windows 10 and MacOS have recently added their own Blue Light Filter feature, and here we are going to show you how to use it.

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In this modern day, we are mostly using artificial lighting to extend our day. Hence, our body got confused in the real and artificial light. It outcomes people more addicted to LED lights which produce less melatonin and other sleep hormones. Hence, it leads some people to get less sleep than they should. According to researchers, every person should consume at least seven hours at nights, and if somehow they do not manage to sleep lesser than five hours a night then it also doubled the risk of early death and leads other health problem like heart diseases, diabetes, alertness, concentration and more. Let us guide you through the process to use Blue Light Filter on Windows 10 PC and Mac.
How to Use a Blue Light Filter on Windows PC or Mac

How to Use Blue Light Filter on PC or Mac

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Microsoft and Apple have added Blue Light Filter feature on its own latest operating system to reduce strain on your eyes lead to get better sleep. Let see how to use the blue light filter on Windows 10 PC.

How to Use Blue Light Filter in Windows 10

Microsoft has added a blue light reduction on Windows 10 build 15002. Microsoft’s blue light limiting feature in Windows 10 is called as “Night Mode.” You can easily enable this feature in Settings and set the blue light filter automatically and manually as per your preference.

Step #1. Go to Start Button to launch the menu and then click on Settings.

Go to Start Button and then click on Settings in Windows 10 PCStep #2. Click on System.

Click on System Under Settings in Windows 10 PCStep #3. Next up, Select Display on the top of the left panel. On the right display pane, toggle ON “Night Mode.”

Click on Display Penal and Turn ON Night Mode in Windows 10 PCStep #5. To configure the Night Light, click on Night Light Setting just below the Night Light and adjust the color temperature while the feature is turned on.

Click on Night Light Setting in Windows 10 PC

Adjust the color temperature in Windows 10 PCStep #6. You can also set a Schedule below the color temperature light. If you want to set up a schedule, toggle on Schedule and choose to let Night Light automatically turn ON/OFF as per sunset and sunrise (it will automatically determine your current location). Additionally, you can set the time manually by clicking on Set Hours.

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Set up a schedule, toggle on Schedule in Windows 10 PCYou can set schedule time manually by clicking on Set Hours in Windows 10 PCOnce you turn on blue light filter on your Windows 10 computer, you will get the immediate change in color effects. From now, it won’t harm your eyes and let you do your work strain less with Windows 10 PC.

How to Use a Blue Light Filter on Mac

Considering the need of Mac users after the debut of Night Mode in iOS 9.3, Apple has added the Night Shift in MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 for Mac users. The Night Shift feature uses your clock and present location and automatically change the colors on display to the warmer and end of the spectrum after the sunset.

Step #1. Go to Apple Menu icon at the top right corner and click on System Preferences.

Go to Apple Menu icon and click on System Preference on MacStep #2. Next, click on Display.

Click on Display in System Preferences on MacStep #3. Now, Click on Night Shift.

Click on Night Shift Under Display on MacStep #4. Here you can Create a custom Night Schedule or automatically turn on from sunset to sunrise.

Create a custom Night Schedule or automatically turn on from sunset to sunrise on MacYou can also set your color preference in the Color Temperature.

Set your color preference in the Color Temperature in Night Shift on MacYou can also change the setting manually, but it you have set schedule then it will work as per the schedule. Means, if you enable the Night Shift in a day before sunrise and it was already set to turn on at sunset, then the Night Shift will still be enabled until sunrise and resume its schedule.

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Did you try this feature on your Windows or Mac computer? If no, then try it now and let us know that it really helps you to sleep better and reduces strain on eyes.

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