It is very much possible to use your Android Wear Smartwatch as a camera remote for Android smartphone. All you need to do is to pair your Android Wear Smartwatch with your Android smartphone or tablet. You will need two different apps for this trick to work. Once these apps are downloaded and devices are paired, then you can easily take pictures from your Android Wear Watch using it as a remote shutter.

One thing you need to remember here is that you also need to have recently released Android smartphone which is running on the latest operating system; else this trick will not work. Of course, you also need an Android Wear Smartwatch which is a given. So, if you are ready with both the gadgets, then let’s move ahead and know how this magic can work for you.

How to Use Android Smartwatch as Camera Remote for Android

Step #1. Download PixtoCam for Android Wear app from Google Play Store on your Android Wear Smartwatch.

Note: This is a paid app, and if you don’t want to spend anything for this then you can try few other free apps available on Google Play Store. If you know how to install and use apps on your Android Smartwatch, then it will be easy for you to use this app.

Step #2. Launch the PixtoCam app on your Android Wear Smartwatch and tap on the trigger button you will see at the bottom of your Smartwatch.

Step #3. Launch the camera app on your Android smartphone or tablet and place it to take the picture you want to.

Step #4. Now check the notification on your Android Wear Smartwatch and enable remote trigger. The trigger is the blue dot on your Smartwatch, so you need to tap on that dot.

Step #5. The above step will prompt a countdown, and finally, the photo will be captured as desired by you.

Few Must Note Things:

  • Your Android Wear Smartwatch and the Android smartphone or tablet must have the Bluetooth ON, and both the devices should be within the working range of each other.
  • The picture captured on your Android Wear Smartwatch will be of low resolution and may not look good, so you better first know the basics of good smartphone photography and then start capturing pictures.
  • Currently, Google Camera app is not available on Google Play Store, as this app could have been the best counterpart for the Android Wear Smartwatch, so search for more and better camera apps on the Play Store to get best results.

We are sure that you will not get this process as easily explained as here anywhere else. So please share your feedback once you capture your first picture by following the process here. You can share your views in the comments section.