Android Beam is one of best convenient functions to share web links, videos, images, and more with other person’s phones and tablets. Android Beam makes it easier to quickly transfer content between nearby devices without a lengthy setup process. It works only on those Android devices have NFC hardware (Head over this post to check NFC support on Your Android phone).

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There are lots of smartphones like Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5T, Pixel 2, and lots are integrated with NFC hardware. No need to install any third party app to transfer data between two devices. If you have NFC integrated device, then read the article to find out, how to use Android Beam to Wirelessly transfer/share Content between devices.

How to Use Android Beam for Sharing Content Wirelessly

How to Use Android Beam to Wirelessly Share Content Between Devices

Note: Before you go deep into the process, make sure your phone supports NFC. In order ensure it, you have to access Settings → Wireless and Networks. You can see NFC option. In case you can’t, just forget Android Beam at least to work on that particular device.

You have enabled NFC on your phone. Say you want to share what is on your screen at a particular instance (video, image or a website). You have to position both the Android phones back to back in a way that the NFC chips come close. When you place them right, a beep sound will be heard.

Enable NFC option

At the time you hear the sound the screen of the device will shrink with a ‘Touch to Beam’ option on the top. Don’t wait to tap the same. There you go!

Touch to Beam option. Turn on

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Once the transfer is completed (based on the file size), you can see a notification.

What if you have to share something from an app, not something on the screen? Well, you can follow the procedure given below for that.

N.B. – Ensure your device has Android 5.0 or higher.

Step #1. Open the app you want to share Image or content from. Let’s say it is the file manager.

Open the app you want to share content or Image from File Manager

Step #2. Select the file you want to transfer. You can see a more options button (mostly a button of three vertical dots) around the top right corner. Just tap on the same.

Select the file you want to transfer

Step #3. Select Share from the menu so that, you can see a list of apps. Don’t you see Android Beam there? Just tap on it and place your devices back to back for establishing the connection.

Share content via Android Beam now


I hope you know how to share content via Android Beam now.

As you just read, it’s not a big deal with an NFC supported Android phone, having Android 4.0+ (5.0+ is preferred).


Hope now you know how to share content via Android Beam. If you are using Android Beam on your device, do not forget to share your experience in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.