With the arrival of all new Android Wear 2.0, there is plenty of changes we are witnessing. The first change we noticed is that your Android watch no longer remains a mere extension of your Android smartphone and it is now a proud standalone Android device.

Another change we are witnessing, which probably is because of the change I mentioned above, is that now you can add multiple Google accounts in your Android Watch just like you have on your Android phone. This new addition is like two sides of a coin, and over here I will discuss both pros and cons of that coin.

Few Drawbacks Once You Add Multiple Accounts in an Android Watch

Before we learn how we can use multiple Google accounts on Android Watch, let us check which factors, which may trouble you once you start using multiple Google accounts on your smartwatch.

  • Notifications: It doesn’t matter for Android Watch, which accounts you set as your primary or default account, it will send notification for each and every account you add. For some, it can be very irritating as they may be flooded with notifications time and again and for some it may come as blessings as they can remain informed about each account and don’t miss anything.
  • Notifications Doubled: Another drawback of this clubbing is that you will get notifications on your connected device as well. So, think carefully about it, and if you think, you can manage both the Android Wear and your Android smartphone flooded with notifications at the same time, then proceed to add more Google accounts in your Android Wear smartwatch.
  • Google Assistant: Google Assistant will fetch and save the information you asked to search from the current Google account you are using, and hence it might not be available when you switch to another Google account. So if you are on your secondary Google account and do not want Google to ‘know much about it’ then you always need to check twice (thrice or even more) that whether you are using your primary or default Google account on your Wear Watch or not.
  • Installing and Uninstalling Apps: This is a big challenge once you attach more than one Google accounts in your Android Wear. When you want to install, uninstall or remove an app from Google Play on your Android Wear 2.0, then just like the above-mentioned point, you need to think hard before making a decision. Accidentally you may install or uninstall an app, which you don’t want to be part of (or no longer part of) a particular account which can either be your primary Google account or secondary. The similar problem will occur when you want to or do not want to update an app.

Pointing out drawbacks before providing you the complete tutorial on how you can use Android Wear with multiple Google accounts is not to scare you. The above points are just to caution you so you remain better prepared and can use this excellent feature swiftly.

Big companies like ASUS, Verizon, Casio, Moto, Fossil, Guess, Huawei, LG, Movado, Polar, Nixon, New Balance, Michael Cors and of course TAG Heuer have joined Android Wear 2.0. So a day will come when we will be seeing many Wear Watch users and who knows among these users who will require this tip on using Android Wear with multiple Google accounts?

So are you also ready to know how you can use multiple Google accounts with your Android Wear?

How to Use an Android Watch with Multiple Google Accounts

Step #1. Go to Play Store on your Android Watch and swipe down to access the ‘Play Store settings.’

Step #2. Tap on ‘Accounts’ icon and the account, which has the text in Green, is your default Google account.

Step #3. To switch between the accounts, you have to tap on the Google account, which you want to become the default, once that is done, you will be back to the Play Store

The steps to switch between multiple Google accounts on Android Watch are simple, but you need to keep your head cool before doing that process each time because one wrong or hasty action may ruin the joy and comfort of this in the feature.

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Do let us know how much you liked this feature and how it became helpful to learn to use Android Watch with multiple Google accounts. Your feedbacks are welcome.