Yes, Alexa has arrived on iPhone to challenge Apple’s very own voice assistant Siri. In the midst of March this year this development happened which has left many of us spellbound, and we may also include Apple in it as well. To use Alexa on iPhone or iPad is very simple, just keeping in mind one thing that you need not download the Alexa app.

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Yes, you are reading it right, you need not have Alexa app to use it on your iPhone, and instead you need to have the Amazon app only. Sounds bit perplexed? Yes, the very fact of using Alexa on iPhone not with the Alexa but with Amazon app is surprising. Without giving too much weight to the surprises let us address the business point of this tutorial which is to know how we can use Alexa with an iPhone.

How to Use Alexa on iPhone or iPadHow to Use Alexa with an iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch the Amazon app on your iPhone. (Or download Amazon app from iTunes, if you still not have that app on your iPhone.)

Step #2. Tap on the microphone icon which you can see on the top right corner of your smartphone.

Step #3. Now say, “Hey, Alexa” instead of “Hi, Siri” and the Alexa will be activated on your iPhone.

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Step #4. It will take some time for Alexa to roll out it’s all features so better wait for some time before using it. At the same time, you can do shopping on Amazon, adding products to your cart and also recording things with this limited Alexa.

Few things you need to note here.

  • Because Alexa will take some time to roll out you will see a dark transparent window with a microphone icon along with suggestions on what you can ask.
  • When Alexa gets its full version then the dark transparent background will remain but the microphone icon will all gone, and you will have the thin blue band at the bottom of your screen.
  • Till the full version of Alexa is not applied, you may get weird results of your voice search but once it enables you can use Alexa to its total capacity by using the Complete List of Amazon Alexa Commands.

Since this update is very latest we need to discover what more one can do with Alexa with an iPhone, so keep visiting MegeByte time and again. For Android users, we can only say to wait for more time before Alexa gets its place in your operating system.

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