Just like 3D stickers on Snapchat stories, the same app was the first picture and video sharing app which gave us Snap Stories idea. Instagram stories came later but once Instagram injected this feature people prefer Instagram Stories over Snapchat’s Stories. Common sense suggests that one should upload a story on either of the platforms and then transfer it to another.

The best idea is to upload Snapchat videos to Instagram because Instagram has more users and hence you will get more penetration to get popularity. To make your work easy, we have found a solution, and by using it, you can easily upload Snapchat videos to Instagram stories on iPhone.

How to Upload Snapchat Videos to Instagram Stories on iPhone

Step #1. Have you already recorded a video on Snapchat? If not then first record it from your iPhone.

Step #2. Now, on the bottom left of your iPhone screen, you will find a button next to the timer. Tap on that button to save your snap to memories.

Step #3. Tap on ‘X’ button to exit the snap screen.

Step #4. Open memories by pressing the small circle which you will find below the large circle one need to take a photo.

Step #5. Select the video you have just saved in Step #1 and Step #2.

Step #6. Tap and hold the Video and then tap on Download button. Now, you need to select Save Video.

Step #7. Open Instagram app and swap right or tap on ‘Your story’ option on Instagram feed.

Step #8. Now, Swipe up from the bottom, and then select the Snap chat video you have just saved.

Step #9. If you wish you can add a tag, title and then tap on ‘Your story’ to publish.

You must agree that it is very simple to upload Snapchat video to Instagram stories on iPhone. Remember, you can even add music to your Instagram stories now, so chances of getting popular are more right?

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