You know what is the trending thing on Facebook and YouTube? It is 360 video now which helps you see all four surroundings in any video. You might have already seen some and maybe bagged a 360 camera as well.

So today, I will be showing how you can upload 360 videos on Facebook and YouTube. Yeah, the process is not exactly the same as in the case of a regular video. Are you ready to explore the process?

How to Upload 360 Video on Facebook and YouTube

Here you go!

Upload 360° Video On Facebook And YouTube

Find the step-by-step processes to upload 360 videos on Facebook and YouTube.

How to Upload a 360° Video on Facebook

Step #1. Log in to your Facebook account and, click Photo/Video from your timeline field.

Step #2. Choose the appropriate 360 video file. You need to access the Advanced tab now.

Step #3. As you want users to take the maximum advantage of the 360-degree situation, make sure you turn on “This video was recorded in 360° format”.

Step #4. Then, you should set the field of view and initial camera setup. And, press Publish. Boom! There you go!

How to Upload a 360° Video on YouTube?

Step #1. I hope you have a 360 video ready to be posted. YouTube recommends Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, and IC Real Tech Allie as best 360-degree cameras. Make sure the video has 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, or 60 fps frame rate.

Step #2. Unlike on Facebook, you need to add 360-degree metadata with every such video you upload on YouTube. The 360 Video Metadata App (supports both Mac and Windows) can do it without making you sweat.

Step #3. Open the downloaded app if you are on Mac. (Unzip the file to get the app in case you are a Windows user). Click open and browse to the video file.

Step #4. Make sure you check the Spherical option, not 3D top-bottom. Enter a name and, save the file.

You will see a new file of the same kind in the very same directory. But the changes can only be watched on YouTube in the form of internal metadata.

Step #5. Upload the newly-created file on YouTube. There you go!

You have just uploaded a 360 video on YouTube. As of now, it will take at least an hour to see the 360-degree effect.

Note:- Don’t even dare to use the YouTube editor because it lacks the support for 360-degree videos. And, better you verify the 360 effect before hitting the Publish button.

Wrapping Up

I hope you know how to upload 360-degree videos on Facebook and YouTube now. Make sure you reach out to me with your doubts if anything bothers you.

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