WhatsApp messenger is one of those apps that compel a user to buy a smartphone. That’s because everyone’s using it every day. The app for iPhone and Android has been receiving regular updates with new features. One more update has been released recently with bold, Italics, and Strikethrough formatting option for text messages.

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Like all other features of WhatsApp, this too does not involve any rocket science. Even then to make things simpler, I have detailed the process below. Just have a look and start chatting with better formatting options.

How to Type Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android Device

How to type Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough in WhatsApp on iPhone/Android

Step #1. Very first thing you’ll need to do is to check for the latest WhatsApp update in Play Store. Download and install if it’s available.

Step #2. Assuming that you have the latest version of the app, now launch WhatsApp on your Android Smartphone.

Step #3. Start a conversation with any of your friend to test out the new feature.

Step #4. In the conversation window, just add “*” before and after the text to make it Bold. For example “*How are you?*”. Now, hit the Send button and WhatsApp will take care of the rest.

Add Star icon before and after the text to make it Bold

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Step #5. To insert Italics, the process remains same like adding Bold text. The only thing that changes is that you’ll need to add “_” before and after the text before sending it.

Add _ before and after the text to make it Italics

Step #6. The last thing remaining is to add Strikethrough text formatting. In order to do that, just add “~” before and after the text and hit the send button.

Add ~ before and after the text to make it Strikethrough

Voila! Start sending messages to your friends with these new formatting. They might not know it yet and you can keep it a secret.

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