Usually, I don’t like my smartwatch light up while any notification pops up and the screen light up unintentionally whenever I raise my wrist, especially while having a great time watching a movie with friends. That would be annoying when the smartwatch’s screen bright up in the dark environs and ruin the mood. But, thanks to Android Wear 2.0’s Theater Mode for letting us stop the screen lights quickly.

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That is specially designed to allow users to place their smartwatch in sleep mode completely. Once you turn on this feature, you won’t get any notification light or screen wake up when you shake your wrist. Well, this function is a little bit hidden inside the quick setting on your smartwatch. Let’s find out how to turn on Theater Mode on Android Wear 2.0!

How to Turn On Theater Mode in Android Wear 2.0

How to Enable Android Wear 2.0’s Theater Mode

In the previous version of Android Wear, it was quite easy and quick to activate Theater Mode by double pressing the power button. But, with the Android Wear 2.0, it has been completely tweaked.

Step #1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to get quick settings.

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Step #2. Next, Tap the Settings icon at the left.

Step #3. Now you will get brightness up and down setting along with a diagonal line across it. Tap on that square with a diagonal line icon to turn on Theater Mode on Android Wear 2.0.

Once you have turned on Android Wear 2.0’s Theater Mode, your smartwatch will get completely in sleep mode. You cannot wake up the screen until you disable the Theater Mode. To do that, you will just need to press the power button once and go back to the normal mode.

You’re done!

This is how you can activate Theater Mode on Android Wear 2.0 and get rid of constant lighting up screen notification. Well, if your smartwatch doesn’t have power button then you can just tap on the screen, again and again, to wake up the screen and deactivate Theater Mode.

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Wrapping up

Hope this guide helped you to enable Theater Mode on your Android Wear smartwatch. If you have used Android Wear’s Theater Mode on your smartwatch, then you can share your experience in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.