We all know when our PC does something erratic and we need to fix the problem at the soonest as it is affecting our routine, we take help of the safe mode. The Same thing can happen with our Android phone as well. If your Android phone is not working well and giving you a headache then it is better to start it in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode will not run third-party apps installed in your device neither it will keep your phone overheating or shows that your device’s battery is fast draining. What Safe Mode does is that it finds the culprit which is the reason for so many disturbing issues so that you can fix it.

How to Turn On and Off Safe Mode on Android Phone

Although, getting into the Safe Mode varies between different models of Android devices but getting out of it is the same. So if you too wish to know what problem your Android phone is facing then you must know how to ON or Off the Safe Mode.

How to Turn On and Off Safe Mode on Android Phone

How to Turn ON Safe Mode on Android phone

Step #1. Press and hold the Power button for a while.

Step #2. Tap and hold the Power Off button on your screen.

Step #3. When prompted, “Reboot to Safe mode”, tap on Ok.

Once this process is done your device will restart and will say “Safe mode” on the bottom left a corner of your smartphone screen.

How to Turn OFF Safe Mode on Android phone

Once you remove the problematic app while working on Safe mode, just hold the power button for a while and tap on Restart it and that’s it, you will be out of the Safe mode within no time.


We are sure that you probably have not thought that turning on and off the Safe mode is this easy. You may also check out the complete guide to fix app crashing or freezing issue on Pixel/Pixel XL but for most of the Android phones, this one is the best procedure for Safe mode.

If you too going to use the procedure to get rid of your problem via Safe mode then share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section here, we are waiting for you.