Today we are going to discuss one annoying feature of Android Phone and that is called Color Inversion. Although it is still in its testing mode, yet Android 5.0 phones and above are already having it. Although this feature is annoying but it is definitely helpful to use your phone at night. Because sometimes even after sorting out all your work throughout the day, you still have few unavoidable works left to do and you need a help from your Android phone.

At this point of time, this color inversion can help you as it allows you to work in the dark as well by giving very less stress to your eyes. Despite most of the app developers are trying to get best out of this feature they are still running out of the ideas and the users of this feature are just a small number.

How to Turn on the Color Inversion feature on Your Android Phone

So, if you have a habit of working at night and want to have a stress free experience to your eyes, here is how you can use the Color Inversion feature on your Android Phone.

Actually, there are two methods to use color inversion on your phone. One is sliding down the navigation bar on the top of your mobile screen. You may see an option “Invert Colors” along with other popular shortcuts. If there is no such option then you need to navigate the settings section on your mobile.

Step #1. First, launch the Settings app on your Android Phone.

Step #2. Just under the system cluster, you will find the “Accessibility” menu by scrolling down.

Step #3. When you will tap on Accessibility menu, you will find a secondary menu and you need to scroll down that also and choose Display section.

Step #4. Here you should be able to see the “Color Inversion” feature right under the Display. Just toggle the option and it will turn on.

Once you toggle that option it will immediately turn on and your screen will turn into black and white. This means that your phone’s colors are inversed. The black text will appear in white and everything gets reversed color-wise. If you want to see the real effect of the Color Inversion, just go to your picture gallery and check the most colorful picture you have saved there, you will immediately understand what exactly the Color Inversion feature is all about.

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