Have you upgraded to a new smartphone recently? Don’t know what to do with the older smartphone? Well, you can turn your old smartphone into a security camera and better not to throw it away. The first condition for this procedure is that your old smartphone is still in working condition. If your abandoned smartphone is working fine, then you can put it in any corner of your home and turn it to a security camera.

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The procedure we are going to suggest here will be extremely easy to follow, and you can set your old smartphone as your new security camera within minutes. Yes, you might have to pay for the app which we are going to advise but believe us the app will cost you pretty less than what it might cost if you buy a real security camera. So it is a very beneficiary for you if you use your older smartphone as your security cam.

How to Turn an Old Smartphone into a Security Camera

How to Turn an Old Smartphone into a Security Camera

Stage #1: Installing Security Camera App

To start with, you need to download security camera apps on both your old and new smartphones. Almost all the security camera apps have regular features like local streaming, cloud streaming, storing footage and recording both locally and also from a remote destination. These apps will also allow you detection and alerts. So, first let us know how you can set up the security camera apps on both iPhone and Android.

How to Turn Old iPhone into Security Camera

Step #1. Download Manything app from Apple Store on both your old and new iPhones.

Step #2. On your old iPhone, go to Settings and disable the Auto Lock under General.

Step #3. Now register yourself with Manything app by providing your email or Facebook credentials.

Step #4. Select ‘Camera’ mode on your old iPhone and ‘Viewer’ mode on your new iPhone.

Step #5. Press the Red button on your old iPhone, and it will start live streaming.

Step #6. Check the Manything app on your new iPhone, and you will see the live stream in the list of streaming devices.

Note: You can even check live stream from your PC by signing in with manything.com. You can even integrate the Manything app with IFTTT, which is one of the best utility apps for iPhone and get endless options to configure your security cam.

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How to Turn Old Android phone Into Security Camera

Just like for iPhone, here too you need to download a security camera app called IP Webcam which we feel is the best among the all such apps on Android platform.

Step #1. Download IP Webcam app from Google Play on your old Android smartphone.

Note: The light version of IP Webcam is free, but if you wish to unlock all its features, then you need to purchase the pro version of the app by paying $3.99.

Step #2. Launch the IP Webcam on your old Android smartphone and set your video preferences along with power management settings, motion, sound detecting, and effects.

Step #3. If you wish to broadcast the stream remotely then you need to register and login to iVedion cloud services. Once you are registered, then you need to test its compatibility and then enable cloud streaming.

Step #4. Now, select ‘Start server’ button at the bottom of the IP Webcam app.

Step #5. On the Phone, setup option find the IP address provided by the app and also the port number. Now enter that IP address in the other or new smartphone or even in your PC browser and you can view the live streaming.

Note: If you wish to setup an iVideon cloud stream from your PC then visit ivideon.com and register and sign in.

Stage #2. Choosing a perfect spot to fix your security camera

Now you are done with the security camera app settings, and you need to decide where you are going to place your old smartphone which you have turned into a security camera. The most desired places for placing your security camera in front of the door, backyard or the place which you feel is the most vulnerable towards the security of your home. So, the decision is entirely yours, and you have to take it wisely. If you have more than one old smartphone sitting idle, then it is a good idea that you make use of them as well to get the complete solution for your home’s security.

Stage #3. Mounting and powering your new security camera

The best advice one can give about mounting your newly made security camera is to find a small smartphone tripod or even a car mount can do an excellent job. What matters the most is to put your security cam where it not easy to notice, so that it can serve the purpose well.

Apart from mounting your security camera at a right place keep it powered up for 24/7 is also an issue. Since your security camera will continuously feed you with live videos, it will eat the battery all the time, so it needs a continuous power supply. For that, you can’t compromise your home’s security by placing it near to a power plug. It will be a good idea if you purchase a 10-foot micro USB or a lightning cable which will give you more flexibility.

You must be feeling excited after reading this article as you got the easier solution to make your home safe. Try the steps given here to turn your old smartphone into a security camera within no time. Once you complete the procedure, do let us know about its functioning here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.