Whether you have noticed or not, Facebook which is known as Social Media Giant has probably made some changes to its notification or pop-up tabs that appear while you comment on a particular post.

However, this recent update is little inefficient at best. For those who are desktop users, this pop-up tab is similar to the Messenger window which shows up no matter if you want this or not. Some of the users find this latest feature of Facebook excellent while there are a wide variety of Facebook users who kind of hate it.

Are you one those who dislike this recent feature from the Facebook and wanted to know you can turn off this feature then don’t worry? Here we are going to show you the solution to overcome it and make your Facebook page look decent and nice.

How to Turn Off Annoying Facebook Post and conversation Tab Pop-Ups

If you don’t want the Pop-Up or Conversation tabs at all for all of the Facebook posts then follow these given below steps:

Step #1. First Off, Open the browser that is preferable for you.

Step #2. Then visit the official site of Facebook.

Step #3. Here Log in to your Facebook account.

Step #4. Now, on the Home page of the Facebook, Click on Gear Icon that resides on the bottom right that beneath to the contacts list.

Step #5. Click on Turn Off Post Tabs.

Bingo!!! Once after that, there will be no more pop-up conversation tabs. If you feel that you miss this feature, then you can always turn it back on through the same menu.


This is it!!! This is how you can disable the Facebook Pop-ups tabs right away. What do you think about this post? Do you have any other question about this latest feature of Facebook? Feel free to ask by leaving us a comment below in the comments section.