The Pixel pair of Google family is giving as it promised, a premium Android experience. Not just because it has Oreo in it but, because it has an incredibly beautiful ergonomic design, great cameras, intelligent software features, good battery life and apart all it gives an excellent performance.

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Along with its number of exclusive features and bags of refinement, Pixel device vibrates when someone taps or type on the keyboard to make the user aware if they’re typing without looking at the screen or if it’s pressed unknowingly. But, not necessarily every Pixel users will love this feature. If you’re one among those users, then here we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to turn off keyboard vibrations on your Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL.

How To Turn OFF Keyboard Vibrations On Google Pixel 2 : Pixel 2 XLHow To Turn OFF Keyboard Vibrations On Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL

If you are utilizing the Google keyboard on your Google Pixel device, here is the technique to turn off the keyboard vibrations in it.

Step #1. Open Settings on your Pixel phone.

Step #2. Go to System → Tap on Languages & input.

Step #3. Tap on a Virtual Keyboard.

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Step #4. Select Gboard → Tap on Preferences.

Step #5. Turn off the Sound on keypress and Haptic feedback on keypress.

Note: If there’s no “Haptic feedback on keypress,” on your device tap Vibrate on keypress instead.

To deactivate other vibrations of touch, dial pad, charging, screen lock & more. Follow the below steps.

Step #1. Go to your Pixel’s Settings app.

Step #2. Select Sound.

Step #3. Click on advanced option,

Step #4. Turn off vibrations for all those which you want it to be off.

In case you’ve any other keyboard installed on your Pixel device other than Gboard, you can still turn off its vibration.

Step #1. Go to Settings app on your Pixel phone.

Step #2. Select Languages.

Step #3. Select the keyboard you are using. There might be settings option to turn off its vibration.

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Winding up

Keyboard vibrations are not just annoying but they even consume a lot of energy out of your battery. And now that you know how to turn it off using our guide, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.