But, there are times when a single typo can change the meaning of the conversation. The android phone supports English dictionary and if you are communicating in languages other than English, you will have to deal with autocorrect issues.

How To Turn Off Auto-Correction On Android Device

The technology will automatically correct the word considering that it is a misspelled word which is not in reality. And, it is a hassle to correct every single word that conveys your meaning. The only option that you have is to disable the spell-check option.

Here are the Steps to Turn off Auto-Correct on Android Smartphone:

If you are using an Android Smartphone, do not get confused with the Predictive text as it means auto correction. Follow the below steps:

Step #1. Go to settings on your android device. You will find it on your mobile screen.

Go to settings on your android

Step #2. Find out the language & input option once you get into settings. Tap on it.

Tap on language & input option

Step #3. You will get the keyboard options. Tap on the default keyboard that you are using.

Tap on the default current keyboard

Step #4. When you see the Text Correction option, tap on it.

Tap on Text Correction option

Step #6. You can Uncheck the auto-correction option.

Toggle the auto-correction option

Follow these simple steps and you can disable the auto-correct on your Android Smartphone. Once you have opted this option, the phone will no longer correct the words that you have typed.

You will have to be careful if you are committing spelling errors and typos as you need to correct them on your own. You can tap the back button thrice to return to the home screen.

Try these steps and do share your feedback with us.