Sometimes, using a mouse or trackpad becomes monotonous. Therefore, AirBar is the best accessory to turn your Laptop into a touch screen. AirBar is the best option for those who want to buy a touch screen laptop and have a limited budget. AirBar can easily convert any non-touch screen Laptop, Notebook or MacBook into touch screen without breaking the bank!

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You might be wondering what is AirBar and how does it work to turn any non-touch screen laptop into touch screen? Don’t worry, here’s everything about AirBar.

How to Turn Non-Touch Screen Laptop into a Touch screenTurn Non-Touch Screen Laptop into Touch Screen with AirBar

What is AirBar? How does it work?

The Swedish company Neonode has launched the AirBar that adds touchscreen functionality to any normal non-touch laptop. It is compatible with 13.3-inch MacBook Air, and all Windows 10 laptops sized 14-inch and 15.6-inch displays.

AirBar is a sleek, lightweight and thin plug-and-touch bar that you can attach magnetically at the bottom of your laptop’s screen. You just need to connect the AirBar via USB, and it will generate an invisible light over the display that can help to touch the screen instead of using keyboard or mouse.

Once you attached AirBar with your laptop, you will be to able use gestures like zooming, swiping, tapping, pinching scrolling with your hands to scroll a Web page, zoom an image, rotate maps, and much more just like a smartphone or tablet without need to install any software. Since AirBar uses infrared technology, it works well even if you wear gloves or use a paint brush. If you have MacBook Air notebook, then you can use it in whole new ways with its familiar touchscreen gestures.

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AirBar for MacBook Air and Windows 10 LaptopsIf you want to experience touch screen with your current non-touch screen laptop, MacBook or Notebook, then you just need to spend $99 for MacBook Air and $79 for Windows Laptop to buy AirBar and completely convert your computer into touchscreen device. It is available in three different sizes 15.6″, 14.0″ and 13.3”. Well, the AirBar is currently not compatible with mac OS X devices.

Buy AirBar for Windows Laptop

Buy AirBar for MacBook Air

Video: AirBar Installation Guide

These days, things are changing day-by-day, and touch screen devices are getting popularity. Have you decided to buy an AirBar from this list? Let us know your choice in the comments sections.