For so many years now we have Android phones with same old keys and buttons to use as a shortcut key and the question is, don’t you get bored with them? For those who really are not happy with the same kind of buttons anymore must be contemplating about having some power to change this long-standing pattern. Well, if you have rooted your Android phone then you can probably change the settings but if you don’t have your Android phone rooted or don’t want to take that risk then you got no option but to accept what is with you.

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Yes, thankfully there are certain Android smartphone manufacturers who give you few buttons extra as shortcut keys, but it is quite possible that those are not among your favorite brands. So what is the solution? Just like we can add a recycle bin into our Android phone can’t we change our buttons into a shortcut key? Well, the solution is that if you have got Android Marshmallow OS then you will not even need to root your smartphone. In just a few steps you can change any button of your Android phone into a shortcut key.

How to Turn Any Button into Shortcut Key on Android Phone

How to Turn Any Button into Shortcut Key on Android Phone

Step #1. Download Button Mapper app from Google Store and please don’t mind as it is still having a BETA version.

Download Button Mapper app

Step #2. Once the app is successfully downloaded and installed, just open it as you normally do with any other new app you download.

Open Button Mapper app on your Android

Step #3. When you launch the app, the app itself will ask you to press ‘GO’ button, so all you need to do is to follow that instruction.

Press GO button

Step #4. Now you must be on ‘Accessibility’ page on your Android phone’s Settings menu, so scroll down and find ‘Button Mapper’ tab in the apps list and tap on it and then Toggle switch on the top right corner for Grant access.

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Tap on Button Mapper, then Toggle switch on for grand access

Step #5. When you are back on the app you will see a list of all the physical buttons, tap on the button you want to turn into a shortcut key.

Tap on physical buttons

Step #6. Now toggle the switch to ON next to the ‘Customize’ button.

Toggle the switch to ON next to the Customize button

Step #7. All you need to do now is to decide between ‘Single tap’ and ‘Long press the button’ options.

Tap on Single tap or Long press the button

Step #8. The above step will give each button a specific task so tap on them and you will see the entire list of shortcuts which are possible to apply.

See the entire list of shortcuts which are possible to apply


To get the Double Tap advantage for the shortcut keys via Button Mapper app you need to do an in-app purchase of $2.49. So, we advise that you can stick with a single tap or long press options only which can easily be done once you are used to with the app.

It is worth trying to get a shortcut on any key on your Android smartphone because it will make your access smooth and easy. Are you already done with this process? Then why don’t share your experience with us here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.