When it comes to trimming or cutting videos on Android device, generally people go to Google Play Store to get video trimming app. But, they hardly know that there is already one of the best video cutting app pre-loaded on the newly purchased Android device called “Google Photo app.”

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Yes, of course, we are talking about an inbuilt Google Photo app which can help you to trim your videos to a short one. Well, if you don’t want major editing and just want to share a short video on social media platforms or make a GIF, then this Google photo editing tool is the best app to trim or cut videos on Android without spending much time. Let’s see how it works!

How to Trim or Cut Videos on Android Phone

How to Trim or Cut Videos on Android Phone

Step #1. As we have already mentioned that Google Photos are one of the default apps in an Android smartphone, but if you still don’t have it then first download Google Photos from Google Play store, and Open it.

Open Google Photos App on your Android phone

Step #2. The app may ask you to connect your Google account and also enable the backup & sync option by toggling the switch next to the option, just do as directed.

Enable the backup & sync option to take Photos and Videos Backup

Step #3. Once the above procedure is over, find the video you want to edit the folder options.

Select the Video which you want to trim

Step #4. Now, you got the video you want to edit and just below that you will see the ‘pencil’ icon which will enable you to cut and trim the video directly from the phone, so tap on it.

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Tap on Pencil Icon

Note: Remember if you want to edit your video which is there on the Google Drive then you first need to download it to your phone storage.

Step #5. The app will show you the entire length of your video along with a ‘selecting tool’. So select the part of the video which you want to trim.

select the part of the video you would like to Trim

Step #6. Over here you will find an option called “Rotate” just below the video length selecting a tool. If you wish to rotate your edited video vertically or horizontally, then you can do it right there.

You can also Rotate the Video

Step #7. Once you are done with editing along with a rotation of the video just tap on the “SAVE” option at the top right of your mobile screen.

After Video Triming done tap on Save

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You’re done!

Now you have successfully edited your video. Right? This was pretty straightforward. Hope you like this tutorial. Share it with others and let them know about this inbuilt trimming apps. Do let us know your feedback either here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.