Who doesn’t like music? He will be a rare person if he doesn’t like music. For some music is life and they want it’s company even when they are on the move. Listening to music on your Android phone is certainly the best option to keep the company with your passion.

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But there are very few people who know that there are different ways to transfer the music files stored on their Mac and Windows-enabled PCs. With new smartphones like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and also Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have been introduced the storage capacity have been increased by a long way. So now for all those passionate music lovers they can save their music into their devices easily by using the simple steps given here. We have even given you one exclusive option of transferring your file without using USB as well. So just check this out.

How to Transfer Music from Computer and Mac to Android Device

How to Transfer Music from Computer and Mac to Android Device

How to Transfer Music from Mac to Android Phone

Step #1. First Install Android File Transfer on Mac.

Step #2. If the download and installation are over then connect your Android phone with Mac by using a USB cable.

Step #3. Open Android File Transfer from the Dock or from the Finder.

Step #4. Click on Finder window and open the music folder where you store your music files.

Step #5. If you are using external SD Card and have saved your music files there then it will be visible, else ignore this step.

Step #6. Drag and drop each of the music files and folders onto Android File Transfer.

Note: Be slow and steady and make sure that you don’t put more than a 1GB data files on Android File Transfer software.

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How to Transfer Music Files Wirelessly from Computer to Android by using AirDroid

You are absolutely in no need to use USB cable to transfer your music files from computer to your Android phone if you are using AirDroid app on your Android smartphone. So if you want to have a wireless experience while transferring your music files then follow the steps given below. But before we do that make sure you got a working Wi-Fi connection.

Step #1. Download the AirDroid app from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android smartphone.

Step #2. Launch the AirDroid app on your smartphone.

Step #3. Sign in or Sign up by typing your email ID and password.

Here you may like to avoid notifications on your Android phone while the music transfer is going on.

Step #4. Open http://web.airdroid.com/ on your Mac.

Step #5. Download the Mac app of AirDroid for the desktop.

Step #6. Sign-in on the AirDroid app for Mac by typing your email ID and Password.

Step #7. It may ask you whether you would like to put music into if it does then click on OK.

Now you will get a notification mentioning that your Android phone is connected with AirDroid.

Step #8. In the AirDroid options, you will find a Music button on the bottom left side just click on that and a window will open.

Step #9. Click on Upload.

Step #10. Open the Finder Window.

Step #11. Start dragging and dropping the music files or folders.

Note: Remember there is no limit for dragging and dropping your music files as long as your Android smartphone has the space to absorb.

How to Transfer Music from Windows Computer to Android Phone

Just like on Mac you can transfer your music files stored on your Windows computer to your Android smartphones. Here is how you can do that.

Step #1. Connect your Android smartphone and your Windows computer via a USB cable.

Step #2. Select the USB connection option on your Android smartphone.

Step #3. Tap on the circle next to the “Transfer Files (or MTP)”. This will automatically open the file explorer.

Step #4. Open the Windows Explorer on your computer.

Step #5. Search and select the music files or folders you want to transfer to your Android smartphone.

Step #6. You can either copy-paste the music files from your PC to Android storage or you can even drag and drop them.

Make sure where you want to save those music files you are copying from PC, whether in your device storage or on Micro SD card.

This is it. Isn’t it the simple way to transfer your music files both on Mac and on Windows? Do share your experience about it on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus. You may also drop-in here again to give your review in comments.

  • Srinivasan

    In my Android phone there could not be found USB connection option to transfer files..
    may be I could not locate if it existed, please kindly guide where it could be found

    • If your Android phone isn’t appearing in File transfer, it may be your phone only connect in charging mode by default, Plug the device into your PC, pull down the notification shade, and select the “USB” option. then select “USB for file transfer.”

    • Restart and Try Another USB Port

      If does not work, then you likely have a driver problem.

      Update Your MTP Driver