If you have recently shifted or are planning to shift from an iPhone or iPad to an Android phone or tablet, you might be having a lot of thoughts of losing things. If one among such fears is about your treasured iTunes music collection, then you can pop that cloud of fear. You can easily migrate that to your Android device in just a few steps. Ready? Head over to this guide to transfer iTunes music library to an Android phone or tablet?

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There are four methods in which you can transfer your iTunes music to any Android device. So here I’m mentioning a step-by-step process of each method so that, you can try the one you find easy to transfer.
How To Transfer Your iTunes Music Collection to Android Phone

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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Phone or Tablet

The most common method of transferring something to your device is through data cable. You can either create a copy of files on your PC or transfer your iTunes music files directly from your iTunes library folders. To copy it to your Android:

Step #1. Connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step #2. Create a temporary folder of your iTunes music files on your PC.

Step #3. Connect your Android device to your PC.

Step #4. Open the music folder on your Internal storage/ Sd card.

Step #5. Copy-paste or drag and drop the music files from the temporary folder on your PC to your phone’s music folder.

How to Upload iTunes Music Files to Google Play Music

The dark days of storage issues have passed since the appearance of ‘Cloud.” Storing everything up in the cloud has made things easy for all. Google Play Music is the best solution if you have storage issues. When you upload your music to Google Play Music, it stores them in the cloud and makes it convenient for you to sync them to your Android device. Did you know Google Play Music gives you the freedom to upload a massive 50,000 songs for free? That’s really a huge amount! So, let’s see how to upload them?

Step #1. Go to the “Google Play Store” in a web browser and Login with your Google account.

Step #2. Now, Click on Music and then Select “My Music.”

Click on My Music in Google Play MusicStep #4. On the left side of the screen, you will see three lines option which is the “Menu.” Click on it.

Click on Menu in Google Play MusicStep #5. On the bottom of the menu, select “Upload music”.
Click on Upload music in Google Play MusicStep #6. Now, you can Select From Your Computer button to open a file browser menu, find and select song file folders to upload, or You can also do drag your music folder to upload. Click on Select From Your Computer button to upload iTunes Music File

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How to Upload iTunes Music File from Music Manager

First off, Download Music Manager from here If already have it, you can directly log in to it.

Download Music Manager on Windows or Mac PCStep #1. Now, Open Music Manager on Your Windows or Mac PC and Sign in to your Google Account.

Step #2. Now, Select “Upload songs to Google Play” and click “continue.”

Select Upload songs to Google Play and Click on Continue in Music managerStep #3. Select “iTunes” folder and click continue.

Select iTunes and Click on Continue on Music ManagerStep #4. You will get three options. To upload them all, select songs by playlist or to include the podcast. Select your choice and click “Next.”

Step #5. You’ll be asked if you want to upload songs automatically which you add to your library in the future, therefore keeping iTunes and Google Play Music synchronized.

Step #6. Make your choice and click “Next.” your music will be uploaded.

(Note: If in between your computer turns off, don’t worry, it will resume uploading when it’s switched back on.)

How to Sync iTunes and Android with doubleTwist

You can always seek the help of a third-party for such things. “double Twist” app, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac, can easily transfer your playlists, music, and videos from iTunes to your Android phone in just a few steps.

Step #1. Download, install and launch the “doubleTwist” app on your PC.

Step #2. Connect your device to the computer and enable “USB Mass Storage mode (or MTP)”

Step #3. When you see a syncing window, you can start using “doubleTwist” app.

Step #4. Click on the “Music tab” in doubleTwist app.

Step #5. Tick on “Sync music” and select the sections you want to transfer.

Step #6. Click on “Sync now” button at the lower-right corner to begin transferring your music to your Android phone.

In a nutshell

Windows and Mac, both are incredible and entirely two different platforms. It doesn’t mean migrating from one to another is a complete loss for you. Thanks to technology, there are ways through which we can shift our treasured things from one to another within a spur of a moment.

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Let me know whether this guide was helpful for you in transferring your iTunes music collection to Android or not. Which method did you find the best? Or if you followed any other method which I may have missed, share it in the comments section, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.