Charmed by the superior features of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, some of my friends who had been using iPhones have now switched to Android. Fortunately, switching from iPhone to Android is pretty simply. Moreover, you can easily transfer your memorable photos from iPhone to Android smartphone using Google Photos with ease.

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If you are also switching from iPhone to Android, you will need to transfer your iCloud Drive files to Google Drive. The process is quite simple thanks to Google Drive. Let’s find out!

How to Transfer iCloud Drive Files to Google Drive

How to transfer iCloud Drive files to Google Drive using the desktop apps

  • Make sure to download Google Drive app for Mac or PC, if it’s not available on your computer.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded it on your Mac, a Finder shortcut is created under Favorites.
  • Once it’s downloaded on your PC, you are asked to create a shortcut in the File Explorer. You need to create it.
  • If you are using PC, you will have to download the iCloud Drive app.

Step #1. First off, you have to open two Finder windows on your Mac. Open File Explorer windows on your PC.

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Step #2. Next, you need to click iCloud Drive in the left bar in one window. Then, you will have to click Google Drive in the left bar in the other window.

Step #3. Now, click the top file in the iCloud Drive folder.

Step #4. Next, you need to hold the shift key and click the bottom file in the iCloud Drive folder.

Step #5. Finally, you have to click and drag all of your files over to the Google Drive folder.

That’s all! Google Drive will now sync all the files.

How to transfer iCloud files to Google Drive on the web

Just in case you have only a few files to transfer from iCloud to Google Drive and don’t wish to download the Google Drive and iCloud Drive apps on your computer, there is a way to let you transfer files using the web. But, I’m afraid this process will be a bit lengthy as you will have to download your each file from iCloud Drive at and upload it to Google Drive.

That’s it!

Till now, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S and Note series used to rule the smartphone industry in the high-end segment. However, with the introduction of Pixel smartphone, the game seems to have completely changed now. It’s no longer a case of a duopoly. Ultimately, it’s the end users who are to benefit the most with the cut-throat competition.

What’s the one biggest reason for your switching from iOS to Android? Do let us know your feedback in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.