The announcement of two Google phones, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL came with a bang. But what was more surprising that while making this announcement Google actually shown its desire in public that they actually want the iPhone users to switch to their two new phones. Well, normally it is very difficult to change such a big brand and getting transferred to equally big brand but there are chances that many of the iPhone users might be contemplating the idea as well.

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Well, if you are one of those iPhone users which are thinking hard about changing your phone and switching to Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL but worried about your data stored in your Apple phone then this article is for you only. Google has offered a sure solution to transfer all your files from iPhone to the new Google Pixel smartphone. So now you can easily transfer your files which contain photos, calendar events, iMessages and more importantly the contacts easily from your iPhone to new Google Pixel phone. Here is the simple tutorial on how you can do it.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Google Pixel Phone

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Google Pixel Phone

Before you start the procedure please make it sure that both your iPhone and Google Pixel phone are at least 50% battery charged, so we can be assured of hassle free procedure till it lasts. Ready? Let’s begin.

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Step #1. First, you need to turn off iMessages on your iPhone. For that, you need to follow the path given below.

Home → Settings → Messages and then toggle the switch to Off

Step #2. Go to Apple’s official De-register iMessage page to remove your phone number from Apple’s iMessage services.

Step #3. Now it’s time to use the Quick Switch Adopter provided with your Google Pixel phone. Connect one end with your iPhone and other with Google Pixel.

Step #4. If you are still not logged in on your Google Pixel phone with your Google account then get logged in first.

Step #5. Select the items you want to copy from iPhone and transfer it to Google Pixel phone. You can move almost everything from your iPhone to Google Pixel.

Step #6. To stop copying just tap on “Stop Copying” button on your Google Pixel phone.

Step #7. If you wish to step out of the copying process so that you can use other features of your Google Pixel then simply tap on “OK” button. The copying process will continue in the background.

Remember the process given above is not only for iPhone transfer, you can transfer files from your old Android phone to new Google Pixel phone as well. Any file from any iPhone or iPod which is running iOS 8 and more their files can be transferred like this and similarly any Android device running Android 5.0 Lollypop and above, their files are also transferrable like this.

It is so simple to transfer your stuffs from iPhone to the all-new Google Pixel phone just like switching from iPhone to Google Pixel, or is it?

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