With iOS 11, Apple has added a new feature that allows you to temporarily disable Touch ID on your iPhone. This new feature might be helpful to you when someone forcefully uses your finger to unlock your iPhone to take undue advantage.

This new iOS 11 features works as part of emergency SOS which is a life-saving feature. Once you disable Touch ID on your iPhone, you will have to enter your passcode to re-enable it again. Let me show how to do it!

How to Quickly Disable Touch ID on iPhone running iOS 11

Note: This process won’t work on your device if have enabled automatic call emergency SOS on your iPhone. Thus, you will have you turn off auto call emergency feature to move to the further process. You can turn it off by heading to Settings app → Emergency SOS and turn the switch off next to Auto Call.

Step #1. Simply Push power ON/OFF buttons five times or rapid succession.

Step #2.
After that, you will get four options:

  • Slide to Power Off
  • Medical ID
  • Emergency SOS
  • Cancel

From above four options, you can disable Touch ID in two ways:

  1. Tap Cancel button or
  2. Make Emergency SOS

Once you disabled Touch ID, you will have to enter your passcode to re-enable it again.

Over to You:

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