So, here we are with the complete tutorial, which will let you understand to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. If you think that without home button it will be difficult to take screenshots in these two smartphones then just don’t worry. On the contrary, now you have various ways to take a screenshot, and they all are very easy to execute. How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Method #1: By using Button Shortcut

This is a good old method for taking a screenshot, but with Galaxy S8 and S8, it sounds cool.

Step #1. Get the app or whichever screen you want to capture loaded.

Step #2. Press and hold the power button and also the volume button together and release them ONLY when you hear the camera shutter sound. You will also be able to see a short flashing animation.

Step #3. Go to → Gallery app or in My Files or check your Google Photos to see the captured image.

Note: You can also follow this path: /pictures/screenshots

Method #2: By Swiping the Screen

This is a cool feature to take a screenshot but it does have its limitations, and we will check the both.

Step #1. Bring the app or screen you want to take a screenshot.

Step #2. Next, tilt your hand to the side a little and make sure that your thumb is pointing away from the screen.

Step #3. Now, swipe your entire hand from left to right and, you will hear the shutter sound as well as can see the animation.

This is the method to capture screenshot but if you wish you can turn ‘off’ this feature because if the feature is ‘ON’, your phone may start capturing a screenshot without your notice just because it is gesture enabled. Here is how you can disable this feature.

Step #1. Go to SettingsMotion → Select Motions and gestures.

Step #2. Tap on Palm swipe to capture

Step #3. Set the toggle from ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’.

Method #3: Scrolling Screenshot

If you wish to take a screenshot of a long email or a note or anything, which needs to scroll for the complete reading, then you can take a scrolling screenshot on your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Step #1. Bring the screen or app you wish to take a screenshot.

Step #2. Take the screen shot by following Method #1 or Method #2

Step #3. Tap on ‘Capture more’ option and scroll down again and take more screenshots.

You can keep scrolling down till you don’t need any further screenshot by just following the steps above.

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Hope the screenshot-taking feature on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is clear with you now. Do share your questions or feedback here in the comments section.