I usually take screenshots on my phone whenever I found any interesting quotes, picture, or doc that to be noted. I use them to share with friends and followers in future. Well, taking a screenshot on Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone is now super easy. As it has superior camera and software system, you can have fun taking picture and screenshot of Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone.

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No wonder, experts have called it the best Android smartphone available in the tech market. So, you can take a screenshot on Pixel and Pixel XL in a much pleasant way using the hardware buttons and Google Assistant. Here’s how you can do it!

How to Take Screenshot on Google Pixel and Pixel XL Phone

How to Take Screenshot on Google Pixel/Pixel XL Phone

Step #1. Open the screen you want to capture.

Step #2. Launch Google Assistant by touching and holding Home button.

Step #3. Once it opened, just says “OK Google, take a screenshot” and it the screen will pop up, and the display will be captured.

That’s it! Check out the smaller version of the screen which you have just captured and a notification.

How to Access, Share or Delete the Just Captured Screenshot on Google Pixel/Pixel XL Phone

You can quickly access the screenshots which you have just taken on your smartphone.

Step #1. Simply, swipe down on the notification shade.

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Step #2. Next, you need to tap on the screenshot.

Step #3. Now, you have the option to Share or Delete the screenshot.

How to Access All the Screenshots on Google Pixel/Pixel XL Phone

All the screens you capture are stored in a separate folder in the stock Photos app.

Step #1. Launch Google Photos on your smartphone.

Step #2. Next, you need to tap on the three-line menu button at the top left. Then, tap on Device folders.

Step #3. Now, you have to tap on the Screenshots folder.

Next, view your favorite screenshots. You can also share them with your friends.

That’s it!

Right from the onset, Google Pixel has been able to hit the right chord. Whether its design or excellent features, the smartphone stands out. The unlimited storage for photos and 24/7 customer support are some of the most user-friendly things that many users would like to have. Google Assistant, which is exclusive to Pixel, has made the most buzz thanks to its versatility. Many have termed it the most competent personal assistant.

If you are planning to switch from iPhone to Pixel, there is an easy way to transfer all your photos from iOS to Google Photos. Better still, you can effortlessly transfer your files from iCloud Drive to Google Drive as well. Luckily, moving from iOS to Android had never been so easy before.

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