With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a company has removed the physical home button, and with that, a few of the functionalities were changed. Especially taking a screenshot. With Note 8 it’s been questioned about “How to take a screenshot in Galaxy Note 8“.

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I guess not to worry about. With S Pen and new Bixby voice assistance, it becomes more convenient. The new way of a taking a screenshot give options to users to capture an entire screen or a selective portion of the screen. But how to do that?

Here is a detailed guide to walk you through the process. Check it out.

How to Take a Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How to Take a Screenshot on the Galaxy Note 8: Five Different Ways to Capture a Screen

You can capture your Galaxy Note 8 screen with the key combination or use S Pen. It depends on your fondness. Here’s how to use the key combination, S Pen, and Bixby to take the screenshot on Note 8.

Take a Screenshot on the Note 8 using a key combination

Step #1. Open the page which you want to take a screenshot.

Step #2. Next, press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously for two seconds.

Step #3. After two seconds, you will see a screen flash and the screenshot will show up on your screen.

Step #4. Now, you can directly share right from the screen, or it saves in your Gallery. You can edit or share it later.

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Take a Screenshot on the Galaxy Note 8 using Gesture (Palm Swipe)

Galaxy Note 8 also supports palm swipe to screen capture feature. Hence, you can use the motion gesture to screenshot. Here’s simple process.

Step #1. First up, you will have to enable ‘palm swipe to capture’ by heading to the Settings → Advanced feature → Motions and enable Palm Motion.

Step #2. Head over to the content you want to screenshot.

Step #3. Next, swipe across from left or right vice versa by touching the screen with the side of your hand.

Step #4. Now, you will see a screen flash and the screenshot will show up on your screen. It will be saved to the screenshot folder in the Gallery.

Take a Screenshot on the Galaxy Note 8 using S Pen and Screen Write

Step #1. Open the page which you want to capture.

Step #2. Take your S Pen and open Air Command.

Step #3. Next, tap on Screen Write, and then you will see a screen flash and captured screenshot.

Step #4. Now you are directly taken to editing tool, where you can change the color, write on the screen or make another editing on that screenshot.

Step #5. Tap on crop, share or save to complete the task.

Want to capture more? Scrolling Screen on Note 8

If you want to capture the entire webpage, then the Galaxy Note 8 comes with a handy feature of scroll capture to take a long screenshot. Here’s how you can take a scrolling screenshot on Galaxy Note 8.

Step #1. Open the screen which you wish to capture.

Step #2. Use any one from above method to normal screenshot and then you will get the multiple options with a screen flash.

Step #3. Next, tap on “scroll capture” to take scrolling screenshot.

Use Bixby to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 8

If you have gotten hands with Bixby, then you can use Bixby voice command capture a screen on your device. All you need launch Bixby by holding the left-hand side Bixby button and just say is “Take a screenshot”. It will simply capture an image. Sounds interesting?

That’s it!

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This is how you can capture screen on Note 8. Using S Pen to take a screen is definitely an impressive way to screenshot. Any other thing you’re struggling with on your Galaxy Note 8? Feel free to ask us in the comments. Hope you liked this post. Stay tuned for more Note 8 tips and tricks.