Wait, before we give away that big secret to you, let’s know something about the craze “Portrait Mode” a bit. Why is it having such a huge fan following? The Portrait Mode feature in digital photography is an artistic way of capturing an image. While focusing the subject, the camera automatically uses a large aperture to blur the background out and with its fine lighting and other effects, it photographs the only subject in focus beautifully.

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Before you have thoughts of buying a sophisticated phone to make your Portrait trend, let us assure you that your beloved Android can also do that trick.

How? Through none other than the “Google Camera App“. Just follow the below mentioned few steps to know how to get a classy portrait pic of yours with this amazing app.

Take Portrait Photo on any android phone

How to Take a ‘Portrait Mode’ Photo on Any Android Phone?

Step #1. Get the Google Camera app for free and guess what, It comes with all cool photography features like Lens Blur, Photo Sphere and of course the current trend, “Portrait Mode”.

Step #2. To enable the Lens Blur feature, open the app and click on the three-line hamburger menu on the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap hamburger menu

Step #3. Select the “Lens Blur” option.

Enable Lens Blur

Step #4. Pay attention to their quick on-screen tutorial. Yeah, they will train you into a pro!

Follow guide to Click Portrait Mode Effect

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Step #5. Try taking a shot, the app will guide you further by asking you to raise your phone.


Step #6. To see the preview, tap on the preview option in the bottom-right corner of Google Camera and you will notice app is Processing Blur Effect.

Process-blur-effectThough this smart app already picks up a fine focal point and applies the blur effect, you can always adjust it manually as you desire. To set the focus and apply the blur effect on your own do the following:

Step #1. Click on the refocus option and tap on any area of the image to set your focal point.

Step #2. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the amount of blur by moving it from left to right, thus you can get the desired effect on the non-focused areas.

Step #3. When everything’s set and you’re satisfied, tap the “Done” button. You will be amazed to see the Portrait Mode image of yours.


Google Camera app does this trick by creating a 3D map of the scene while you’re moving your phone, through which it detects which object is near or far from the lens. The only difference is that the dual camera phones create the 3D map while you are capturing the image, whereas Google Camera does it after you’ve taken a shot.

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Now that you know how to get that impressive Portrait Mode image of yours on Android, it’s time to take a shot and flash it to your Portrait buddies. Try it and let us know your experience or if you still find it difficult to get the perfect shot, the comment section is always open for you guys or you can always reach us on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.