Taking screenshots in a new Android has always been a moot question for all users. With every software update, users get to know something new, and this includes capturing screenshots. And here you are using Android P 9.0 on your high-end smartphone. Every Android smartphone has its way of taking screenshots. But Android P has made it far easier for users without using power and volume up-down buttons. This apparently saves some pressure your fingers exert on the physical buttons. If you are have recently moved to Android software and device, here is how to take screenshots in Android P 9.0.

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Taking a scrolling screenshots on any Android phone follows the same method; but earlier, different Android devices offer different ways to capture screenshots. We have already discussed such methods to take screenshots on Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, OnePlus 5T, and Google Pixel and Pixel XL. But now, with the launch of Android P 9.0, you don’t have to use your physical buttons as you can capture screenshots with virtual buttons in Android P.

How to Take a Screenshots in Android P 9.0

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How to Take a Screenshots in Android P 9.0

You can always use that traditional method of pressing power button and volume down button simultaneously to capture screenshot in Android P 9.0.

Alternatively, as mentioned above, you would love to use virtual buttons on your Android device to record screenshot. Follow the steps given below:

Step #1. Go to the app or service on your Android device you want to capture the screen of.

Step #2. Now, long press the power button on your Android P operating system.

Step #3. A menu will appear on the screen with four different options: Power off, Restart, Screenshot, and Emergency (this menu may vary as per Android device).

Step #4. You know what to do next; tap on Screenshot.

Step #5. Once the screenshot is taken, you will see ‘Screenshot saved’ pop-up on the device screen (upper left portion).

You can tap to view your screenshot; moreover, you can edit, share, or delete the screenshot you have taken on your Android P.

And that’s all friends!

You have successfully captured screenshots on your Android device running Android P 9.0.

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