Previously it was tiresome to take a screenshot on your Android Wear device. First, you need to have a computer, and then Android SDK and basic knowledge of ADR commands plus you need to take out a bit of time as well. But, now things have changed, and it is very simple to take screenshots on your Android Wear device.

Android just made updates on Android Lollipop on Wear devices, and now it is very easy to do lot many things apart from taking screenshots from the smartwatch itself. You can get the better notification management; the screen brightness is having new settings and sound profile options.

Guide to Take a Screenshot on Android Wear 2.0 Device

This process can be different with different version or skins you are using on your Android smartphone. The process we are going to suggest now works with most of the versions.

First of allEnable Developer Options on the Android smartphone or tab you have paired with your Wear Watch.

Step #1. Launch ‘Settings’ and scroll down to tap on ‘About.’

Step #2. At the bottom, you will find ‘Build Number’ option; tap on it for seven (7) times.

Now you will see the ‘Developer Options’ in the Settings app only just above ‘About’ option.

Step #3. Launch Android Wear app on your Android phone or tablet and then tap on three vertical dots on the top right corner of your screen.

Step #4. Tap on ‘Take wearable screenshot’ option.

Step #5. After few seconds in the notification tray, you will see an alert which is saying the screenshot is captured. Tap on the notification to open.

Now you can share this screenshot wherever you wish to share. One thing you must note is that the screenshot you have captured will not be saved in Photos app and once you clear the notification it will be deleted.

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So, capturing screenshots on Android Wear device is now a lot easier than it was previously. Have you tried it or not after reading this tutorial? Give your feedback here in the comments section below.