iPhone 7 Plus is one of the best choices for the folks who love to take beautiful pictures with the smartphone. Its dual lens camera is great option to capture numerous beautiful photos. Along with 360-degree photos on iPhone 7 Plus, you can also take 3D pictures with your iPhone.

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With the help of popular ProCam 5 app, you can take 3D photos on your iPhone 7 Plus with utmost ease. It uses phone’s dual camera in an advanced way to create a 3D image. While the device does not have a 3D display, it creates an illusion and deceives your mind to perceive the 3D photo. Honestly, it seems like Giphy image. Let’s find how it works!

How to Take 3D Photos with iPhone 7 Plus Using ProCam 4 App

How to Take 3D Pictures with iPhone 7 Plus using ProCam 4 App

Step #1. Download and Install ProCam 5 app (Price: $4.99) on your iPhone 7 Plus.

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Step #2. Now, Open the app and tap on the Double camera icon at the top next to AEB option to adjust the distance between the camera and the subject.

Step #3. At the bottom, tap on up arrow icon (↑) next to camera capture button and scroll the option to select “3D photos”.

Step #4. Now move the camera to the object and hit the capture button to take the photo. Once you click the image, it will appear a little bit of blurry image. You will need drag to align the subject.

Step #5. Once you have set the subject, tap on “Done” at the top right corner and see the 3D image and then “Save”.

Step #6. You can save this image as GIF, JPEG + GIF or Video + GIF by tapping on the option of your likings.

Step #7. Now you can see the new 3D image in camera roll on your iPhone 7 Plus.

Now, you can happily share this 3D image on all the social media platforms which are an illusion as we mentioned above.

Here’s a Quick Video Tutorial:


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