WhatsApp Group chats can be fun at times and clumsy at times as well. With the ability to have more than 250 members in one single group sometimes it is very hard to understand what exactly is going on in the group. What is more confusing about WhatsApp group chat is that if one or more members have asked you a query on something and then there is a flood of discussion happened afterwards then when you log into the group chat it goes unnoticed naturally.

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But now WhatsApp has found a solution for it. Now you will remain sure if someone has asked something to you in the group chat via a notification. WhatsApp has just introduced the “mention” feature in its recent update. This mention feature sounds like Twitter and acts like Facebook. Early this year WhatsApp’s nearest rival Telegram had already introduced this feature and it became popular as well. So let us know how one can use this new feature introduced by your favorite messenger app WhatsApp. Just follow the simple steps given below.

How to Tag People in WhatsApp Group Chat on iPhone and Android

How to Tag People in WhatsApp Group Chat on iPhone and Android

Step #1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Launch WhatsApp app on your iPhone

Note: First you need to check whether your WhatsApp is updated or not. If it is not then you need to update it to get this feature working on your smartphone.

Step #2. Go to any of the WhatsApp Group you are a member of.

Open WhatsApp Group you are member of

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Step #3. Now in the text bar where you type your messages normally, type “@”. When you type @, a list of the group members will appear, just tap the name you want to mention or tag for your message.

Type “@”.When you type @, a list of the group members will appear

Note: If you want to tag a certain group member who is not part of your phonebook then too you can tag him or her by writing @ and scroll down to his or her number and he or she will be automatically tag.

Step #4. After tagging the desired group member you can type your message next to the mention.

Tag desired group member, type message next to the mention


This is really an exciting feature but there is one catch. If you are mentioned by someone in the group you will be informed via a notification. But, if you have muted that particular group you won’t be notified. So for that situation you need to check all the unread messages in the group chat to know whether someone has tagged you or not when you were offline. In other words, WhatsApp has played a trick on the right of yours to mute the most buzzing WhatsApp groups you are a member off.

But all in all, this is a good feature and should help someone who is in need to be informed always via a WhatsApp Group. Do let us know whether this article helped you to understand this new feature by WhatsApp or not. You can give your views on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus or can come back here to give your views in comments below.