Windows 10 has a very useful function “Sync Setting”, which allows users to synchronize settings and keep their system preferences same on multiple Win 10 devices. If sync feature is enabled on your windows 10 computer/laptop/tablet, it will track all settings you did and will apply them to all your devices running windows 10.

Sync Setting in Windows 10 works to sync Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge settings, passwords, theme colors, and few more functions. However, in many cases, this sync feature also helps to sync Start Menu Settings across other Win 10 running devices.

Many users have noticed that syncing start menu tiles, and other settings worked with Windows 10 “Sync Setting” features. And few users also complained that it did not work with other devices. It is not guaranteed that all the Start Menu tiles, settings, and other options will remain the same on all your Windows 10 devices after enabling Sync Setting Option.

But let us give it a try and Enable Sync Setting feature on Windows 10.

How To Enable Sync Settings in Windows 10 Across Computers/Laptops/Tablets

For syncing settings and other function of windows 10, you need to sign in with your Microsoft Accounts.

Step #1. Navigate to Settings and select Accounts.

Step #2. Select Your Info Under Accounts Tab.

Step #3. Click on Sign in with a Microsoft account instead and sign in with your MS account.

Step #4. Now, navigate to Sync Your Settings un der Accounts Tab.

Step #5. Enable Sync Settings and individual sync settings.

This is it.

Signing Off
A process to enable Sync Settings in Windows 10 helps to sync all the key settings of win 10 across multiple devices. If you are using a desktop or laptop or tablet or smartphone running win 10 OS, then this syncing feature will help to keep all settings same across all your windows 10 devices.

I hope you enjoyed this post and enabled sync settings.

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