Syncing your Android notifications with Mac and Windows computer provides you greater ease of using your smartphone. Without picking up your mobile device, you can stay connected with your friends and family via chat clients. If your job or business involves a lot of big screen time, you won’t be able to check messages and notifications on the small screen of your mobile phones. Thankfully, you can sync Android notifications with Windows 10 and Mac.

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When you receive any notification on your phone, it naturally interrupts your workflow. A better way is to sync notifications from your Android phone with your desktop – whether it is Windows computer or a Mac. By following the methods listed below, you will be able to display important notifications on your desktop without checking your Android phones or tablets.

How to Sync Android Notifications With Windows 10 and Mac

How to Sync Android Notifications with Windows 10 and Mac

If you are using a latest Windows 10 system with its Anniversary Update, you can use its unique feature to sync Android notifications with your PC natively.

Sync Android Notifications with Windows 10 (Anniversary Update)

Step #1. First off, you need to download Cortana from the Google Play Store.

Many Android users have complained of the inefficient performance of Cortana when downloaded from Google Play Store. This is because the app is in the development phase. In that case, you can use APKMirror – the most trustworthy treasure to sideload apps on Android devices. Use this link to sideload Cortana on your Android phone or tablet.

Step #2. Open the app and sign in with your Microsoft account you have created to use Windows 10.

Sign in with Microsoft account on Android Cortana App

Step #3. Agree to the terms and conditions and sanction the needed permissions.

Tap on Agree in Android Cortana App

Step #4. Next, you need to tap on your profile icon → SettingsSync notifications.

Go to Cortana App Settings

Note that in many Android devices, you will find a Cross-device option in the Settings section. I have seen this option on my OnePlus 3 smartphone running Android Oreo 8.0.

Step #5. Tap on the Cross-device option, and you will find different notifications to sync with your Windows computer.

Tap on Cross device in Android Cortana app

Missed call notifications, Incoming message notifications, and Low battery notifications are turned on by default.

Finally, toggle the switch next to App notifications sync.

Toggle Switch next to App notifications sync on Android with Windows 10

Hurray! You can now see your Android notifications on your Windows PC. You can also choose which apps to sync with Windows PC.

Tap on Choose which apps to sync and select the app in Android Cortana App

Sync Android Notifications with Older Windows PC

If you don’t have Anniversary Update on your Windows 10, you can use AirDroid to get Android notifications on your Windows computer.

Many users prefer Pushbullet, but AirDroid is a better option to establish a bridge between your Windows computer and Android phone/tablet.

The process is quite simple. You need to download AirDroid on your Android device from Play Store.

Step #1. When AirDroid is installed on your device, run through the instructional screens and sign in with your Gmail ID.

Step #2. Next, you will find three tabs at the bottom, tap on Tools tab from the middle.

Tap on Tools tab in Android AirDroid App

Step #4. Then tap on Desktop Notif.

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Tap on Desktop Notif in Android AirDroid App

Step #5. Finally, tap on Enable button next to Notification Mirror service.

Tap on Enable button next to Notification Mirror service

Your next step is to download AirDroid on your Windows computer.

Set up AirDroid on your computer and you will start receiving notifications from your Android device on your Windows computer.

You can use AirDroid Web to mirror Android notifications directly on the web browser.

Use AirDroid Web to mirror Android notifications directly on web browser

Sync Android Notifications with Mac

One option is to use AirDroid on your Mac to get Android notifications. You can follow the same procedure as you have followed with your Windows computer. However, AirDroid has its limitations when used with macOS. Users don’t receive notifications inside the native Notification Center in macOS. To get a better experience, you can use Noti on your Mac to display Android notifications.

Noti is an unofficial client of Pushbullet for Mac. It gives you a better experience than AirDroid as it displays notifications from Android devices as native macOS notifications. Noti enables you to see notifications from your Mac and Android in a centralized place. Moreover, you can send your reply to the text messages from your Mac itself.

Step #1. You need to download Pushbullet on your Android device.

Step #2. Open the app and Sign in to your Google account and tap on ‘Notification Mirroring’ from the menu to enable it.

Enable Notification Mirroring on Android Pushbullet App

Next, Tap on Choose which apps to enable option and then select apps to enable notifications as per your choice for installed Android apps.

Tap on Choose which apps to enable and then select apps to enable notifications

You can be selective, as too many notifications will distract your attention while you are doing something important on your Mac.

Step #4. Then you are supposed to download Noti for Mac.

Step #5. Click on Download (.DMG) button.

Click on Download DMG on Mac

You will be redirected to GitHub page. Here, click on Noti.dmg under Assets.

Click on Noti.dmg on to download Noti on Mac

Step #6. From the Downloads folder, double-click on Noti.dmg.

And authenticate Noti by using the same account as you have used to sign in to Pushbullet on your Android device.

Authenticate Noti on Mac

Step #7. Now click on menu bar icon in Noti and choose Preferences.

Click on menu bar icon in Noti and choose Preferences on Mac

Step #8. Check that notification mirroring is turned on.

That’s it! You can now see the notifications from your Android phone/tablet on Mac.

Many Mac users, who are using macOS High Sierra developer beta, have complained about crashing of Noti. But on previous versions of macOS, Noti works excellently.

That’s all friends!

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