AirPlay is one of the best features Apple devices have to impress users. By using AirPlay, you can easily stream your audio, video or other contents on Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad. Media streamers have used this feature for years to showcase photos, movies, songs and more on Apple TV from their iOS devices. But Apple doesn’t allow Android users to stream content from Android devices to Apple TV. This is typical of Apple, as it has erected strong walls around AirPlay and other such features to restrict others. However, people have found workarounds and solutions to stream music and video from Android to Apple TV.

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Earlier, it was easy for Android users to stream audio and video to Apple TV. Google Play had many apps that would allow Android users to stream content to Apple TV. Though there were some stability issues, Android apps on Google Play did relatively well. This was until Apple released tvOS update 10.2, and everything changed.

How to Stream Music and Video from Android to Apple TV

The new update on the fourth generation of Apple TV prevented users from streaming audio-video contents from Android devices to Apple TV. For security reasons, Apple TV began to ask for device verification before anyone could use AirPlay streaming services. Since Apple TV recognizes only its siblings, i.e., Apple products, all the streaming apps for Android and Windows devices became redundant. But then every cloud has a silver lining, and doubleTwist introduced a new way to stream contents from Android to Apple TV.

How to AirPlay Audio or Video from Android to Apple TV Using doubleTwist Pro

doubleTwist Pro is arguably the only option for Android users to stream content from their devices to Apple TV. It’s a paid Android app you need to download from Google Play Store. Click on this link to download doubleTwist Pro, and you will be able to AirPlay everything from Android to Apple TV.

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Apart from streaming contents, doubleTwist Pro features a brand new material design UI with multiple themes, 10-band EQ, gapless and casting support, lossless sound with FLAC & ALAC playback, podcast control and built-in AirSync for syncing your iTunes music to your Android device.

If you want to stream your cloud music on Apple TV, you can use CloudPlayer on your Android device.

Is your Apple TV running tvOS 10.1 or earlier?

No worries! You can use many third-party streaming apps available on Google Play Store. The most popular one is AllCast. This is a free app, but this free version shows only five minutes of content on your Apple TV. If you want to remove the restrictions, go for its pro version AllCast Premium.

However, not all streaming apps come with a price tag. You can use All Screen, which is available for free on Google Play.

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