Internet surfing is the only thing that I do regularly in my life. But, sometimes while reading an interesting content and suddenly a pop-up appears on the screen and makes a wall between my Android screen and me. That’s very maddening. Hence, I Googled and found a couple of ways to block or stop pop up ads on Android device.

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Normally, we all usually download free stuff from the website. But, everyone won’t aware that someone else is paying them to show up adds on the website while we download free apps, music, and videos. That’s business. Some ads are not just of rocks, but they can do freeze your device and consumed more data. Luckily, some Android devices are built-in ways to ignore this terrifying ad and here I am gonna show you some working ways to block pop up adds on Android device.
How to Stop Pop Up Ads on Android Phone

How to Block Pop Up Ads on Android phone

Let me first start with the widely used Android browser-Google Chrome. Here’s the step-by-step process to stop pop up ads in Google Chrome on Android mobile.

How to stop pop up ads in Google Chrome on Android

Step #1. Launch the Google Chrome on your Android phone.

Step #2. Tap on three vertical dots at the top right corner.

Tap on three vertical dots in Chrome App on AndroidStep #3. Next, tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings in Chrome app on AndroidStep #4. Scroll down to Site Settings and tap on it.

Tap on Site Settings in Chrome on Android PhoneStep #5. Now, tap on Pop-ups and then turn off pop-up ads by toggling Pop-ups.

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tap on Pop-ups and then turn off pop-up ads by toggling Pop-upsUse Free Adblock Browser

Free Ad-block browser is one of the most efficient ways to stop intrusive pop-ups, annoying video ads and much more. This ad-blocker was first availed for the desktop browser and then came to Android. It is one of the trusted Ad-blocker in the world with more than 400 million users. You can easily use it with its smart tab functioning, smoother scrolling, easy to use the keyboard and more features. You can free download the Adblock Browser from Google Play. This method works for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

AdblockPlus Browser Extension on Firefox

If you are not using Firefox then I suggest you download the Firefox app on your Android phone from Google Play Store. After installing the Firefox browser on your device, then click here and toggle to add the Adblock Plus extension on your browser. Now restart Firefox again and you can see more options of Adblock Plus in the Menu → Adblock Plus.

AdblockPlus Browser Extension on Firefox

Use Opera Browser

Using Opera browser is one of the easiest ways to ignore ads while using internet browser on Android phone. Well, the Opera browser is specially designed to block unwanted and irrelevant ads on your Android browser. It is available free download from Google Play. Unfortunately, the browser is the no better option if you are used to using the Google Chrome. But, it would be the ultimate option to block pop up ads on your Android smartphone.

Use WebGuard Service

Use WebGuard ServiceWebGuard is the free download app which is specially designed for protecting your device from viruses, surveillance, dangerous site, and ads. It will block every banner and video ads while browsing the internet. It is one of the best firewalls that increase your anonymity as well by hiding your real IP. It will also encrypt data from protection when using an open network. The app will alert you when you are about to use paid apps.

Well, these are the answers of your “How to block pop up ads on Android phone”. We hope that these may have helped you to get rid of pop up ads on your phone. If you any special suggestions regarding the topic then let me know in the comments.