Auto-playing video in the background of the websites is very annoying. These advertisement videos show up at some corner of the web page and start auto-playing without your permission. Sometimes, these videos are relevant, but they distract the attention from the original content. It becomes more frustrating when you are using multiple tabs at the same time and browsing more online content. In a situation, it becomes a little bit difficult to find and stop the maddening video. But, you can stop Autoplay video in Chrome and Firefox.

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Few webmasters add promotional videos on their websites or blogs to make money. These videos run on the HTML5 Player or Flash Player. To stop auto play video in a background is all about disabling auto play video function in HTML5 or Flash Player and you can save internet bandwidth too. If you stuck at the same issue and wanted to stop/disable autoplay video in Chrome and Firefox, then refer this guide.

How to Stop Autoplay Video in Chrome and Firefox Browser

How to Stop Autoplay Video in Chrome and FirefoxHow to Stop Video Autoplay on Chrome Browser

In order to disable autoplay videos on Google Chrome browser, you will need to change a Flash setting and install Chrome extension to block the autoplay video on HTML 5.

Step #1. Open Chrome browser and click on three horizontal line at the top right corner to launch Menu.

Open Chrome browser and Go to Menu optionStep #2. Next, click on Settings.

Click on Chrome SettingsStep #3. Scroll down and click on Advance setting to expand the settings section.

Click on Advance setting in ChromeStep #4. Select “Content Settings” under the privacy and security section.

Select Content Settings Under Advance Setting in ChromeStep #5. Select Flash, switch Ask First toggle and add sites to Block flash or auto-play videos.

Click on Flash option in Chrome

Switch Ask First toggle and add sites to Block flash in ChromeThis technique will stop the flash videos. But, HTML 5 auto-play videos are still played in the background of the app. You can stop it by downloading Disable HTML5 Autoplay extension.

How to Stop Video Autoplay on Firefox Browser

To turn off auto-play videos Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to follow these simple steps.

Step #1. Open Firefox browser and press Ctrl + Shift+ Alt or type about:addons.

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Open Firefox browser and Go to AddonsStep #2. Select Plugins and look for Shockwave Flash at the right panel.

Select Plugins and look for Shockwave Flash in FirefoxStep #3. Next up, click on the drop-down menu next to Option of the Shockwave Flash and select “Ask to Activate” option from the drop-down menu.

Go to Drop down menu next to Shockwave Flash and Select Ask to Active optionThis will stop all flash and HTML 5 auto-play videos on your Firefox browser. If you are still getting same the irritating promotional auto-play video, then you can download FlashStopper Firefox add-ons to stops video autoplay, and you can also follow this step too.

Download FlashStopper Firefox addonsStep #1. Open Firefox and enter about:config in the address bar.

Open Firefox and Go to ConfigStep #2. If you receive a warning to continue to change the advance setting, accept it.

Click on I accept the risk button in FirefoxStep #3. Next, search for media.autoplay.enabled.

Search for media.autoplay.enabled in FirefoxStep #4. Right-click on media.autoplay.enabled option and select Toggle option.

Right-click and select Toggle option in FirefoxThis is how you can stop autoplay video on Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Hope you get rid of the autoplay video problem.

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