Background running apps is one of the reasons why your Android phone runs slow. Moreover, apps running in the background also cause a lot of battery drain issues in smartphones like Galaxy S9/S9 Plus and other high-end phones. Considering the gravity of the issue, you should quickly stop apps running in the background in your Android P.

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If you have purchased an Android device very recently, note that background running apps are the apps that run in the background; even if you have left the application and begun to deal with other tasks on your phone, the apps will remain active in the background. As mentioned above, these apps consume battery and RAM of the smartphone, which results in the poor performance of the device. You should better close background running apps on your device running Android P 9.0.

How to Stop Apps Running in the Background in Android P 9.0

How to Restrict Background Running Apps in Android P 9.0

Continuous monitoring of apps running in the background is a vital exercise for any Android user. This means you should find the apps that consume more battery and mobile data while running in the background. The method given below tells you how you can restrict apps to access data in Android P.

Step #1. First off, swipe down the notification shade on your Android P running device. You can bring down notification shade while you are on an app.

Step #2. Now tap on the Settings icon and then tap on Battery.

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Step #3. Next, you need to tap on three vertical dots from the upper right corner.

Step #4. Then tap on Advanced battery usage.

On this screen, you will see app usage data since full charge.

Step #5. Find the app that consumes more battery and tap on it.

Step #6. Tap on Background restriction seen under Manage battery usage heading.

A pop-up will appear on your phone or tablet that reads: Restrict app?

The long text says that ‘To save battery, stop “App Name” from using a battery in the background. This app may not work properly, and notifications may be delayed’.

Step #7. Tap on Restrict.

The app will no longer use the battery in the background; this will enhance the battery life of your smartphone running Android P.

Later on, if you want to remove the Restriction, tap on Background restriction again and then tap on Remove.

Once you have removed the restriction, the app will start using the battery again in the background.

When you restrict many apps on your Android device, all the restricted apps will be seen on Adaptive Battery screen. You can see all the restricted apps from Settings → Battery → Adaptive Battery → Restricted apps.

Again note that restricted apps may not work properly and notifications may be delayed on your Android device running Android P.

That’s all friends!

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