How to Speed Up GPS on Your Android Phone

One of the greatest features Android smartphones have given us is the GPS. Because you have the GPS on your phone you need not to carry any extra device for navigation if you are in need of it. Although the best GPS navigation depends on the device you are currently using but still it is expected that GPS may not work properly even in the best of the devices. We have noticed that at many times the user finds difficulties in locking down their position because an inaccurate data has been delivered.

There are many GPS users found complaining about weak signals and thus their navigation will become slow. We have found some of the better ways to improve your GPS navigation on your own Android phone and here is how you can do that.

How to Speed Up GPS on Your Android Phone

How to Speed Up/Improve your GPS Navigation on Android Phone

Use Assisted GPS

To get the generous help from GPS you need to start using the Assisted GPS (AGPS). Most of the Smartphones do use AGPS. AGPS not only use the GPS satellites but also a nearby cellphone network or Wi-Fi network as well. So you should make sure that this option is activated on your phone. So to activate this feature just follow the path mentioned below.

Settings → Location & Security and make sure that you select ‘Use GPS Satellites’ and ‘Use Wireless Networks’.

High Accuracy Mode Should be Activated

If you are using only GPS then it will consume a lot of your battery. But most of the handsets these days keep the accuracy level at a moderate level and that will allow excessive power drain. The high accuracy mode of the GPS will give you more accuracy power at a cost of battery power. To enable the high accuracy to follow the following path.

Settings → Location → Mode → High Accuracy

Make Sure Your Android Phone Doesn’t have Hardware or Software Problem

You need to check that whether your smartphone is having any hardware issue or not. To know that whether your hardware is working fine or not for GPS, you need to download GPS Essentials from here. In the main menu of the app, you need to tap on Satellites and see whether your smartphone can connect plenty of satellites around the globe or not. If that is good enough then check whether there are any metallic objects near you or not. If everything is fine then there could be a problem with the Android software only.

Download and Android App to Boost Your GPS

If the above methods are not working then you need to take help of another GPS app available on Google Play. Currently, the most effective app is GPS Status & Toolbox which you can download from here. The basic version of this app is free but you can use the Pro version for just $1.6. This app has the ability which can download AGPS XTRA Data. It will help you to get things sharper and will also help to improve your GPS.

Take External Help

If nothing of the above works then takes help of the external GPS receiver. This will attach with your mobile via Bluetooth and you can charge it with your mobile charger only. You can buy Garmin GLO Portable GPS for just $99.00 dollars from here. This is the last resort and it should work for sure.

Hope you must have been able to boost up your GPS by using any of the five methods given above. Do let us know which one helped it and share your experience either of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section below.