Usually, I do clear notifications while I am working or having a good time with my family. But after a certain time, I fail to recall checking those notifications. Happily, Since “Snooze Notification” feature arrived in Android 8.0 Oreo along with Notification Dots, it becomes easy for me to attempt those overlooked notifications.

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The Snooze Notifications feature designed to remind certain notifications (that you have cleared) after pre-decided time, the default time is one hour. Furthermore, you can snooze notifications right from the notification panel.

Don’t worry! It will not affect the other new notifications from an app and other system notifications. Let’s find out how to enable snooze notifications feature in Android 8.0 Oreo.

How to Snooze Notifications in Android Oreo
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How to Snooze Notifications in Android 8.0 Oreo

It is pretty easy and straightforward to snoozing notifications on Android Oreo. Here are steps:

Step #1. Once you receive any notification, either swipe left or right slowly until you see the “snooze time” and setting icon.

Step #2. Next, tap on new “Snooze timer” icon.

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Tap on Snooze timer icon in Android OreoStep #3. When you tap the snooze icon, it will show you the snooze time. The default snooze time is one hour, you can reschedule snooze notification time via tapping and selecting the time period from three options “15 minutes”, “30 minutes” or “1 or 2 hours”.

Reschedule snooze notification time via selecting the time period from three options in Android OreoThat’s it!

Once you have activated snooze notification on your Android device, it will again remind you those skipped notifications after the predefined time period you have selected.

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