They say that it is a digital age. They say that soon the world will become paperless. When we see the world keep changing around us, we start believing in what they are saying. There were days when we used to take a print out of our computer printer and sign the documents. Then came scanners, but still the process of manual signing of the documents continued.

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Again, there was a change, and now people could easily use a digital signature on the scanned document itself and send them to the concerned parties. But technology didn’t stop there, and we were introduced with smartphones. iPhone and Android are the two main branches of the smartphones. If you own an iPhone, then you probably think that, can I digitally sign my documents by using my phone?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, and it is in the affirmative. You can indeed sign a document on iPhone itself while you are on the move and away from your workplace. Well, for that we are here to guide you. All you need to follow the guideline given below.

How to Sign a Document on iPhone or iPadHow to Sign a Document on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Let us presume that you have received an email with an attached document, which needs your urgent signature. So open your mail app on your iPhone and then open email and tap on the attachment.

open your email and tap on the attachmentStep #2. Now, it will show you a preview of the document which needs to be signed. Now tap again, and that will open up some options for you. At the bottom right corner of your screen, you will see a Markup toolbox, tap on it.

Tap on Markup toolboxStep #3. Next, it will automatically open reply option. First, if you wish to narrate a reply or to add something to the document you can do that before sending. Tap on the signature button at the bottom right of your screen.

Tap on signature buttonStep #4. Now just use your finger and make your signature in the given space and tap on “done” at the top right of your iPhone screen. This will save your signature forever which you can use later as well. You may also change the signature if you wish to.

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Use your finger and make your signature on the given space and tap on done

Note: You can sign that document in two different ways. 1. If you already have a signature in your phone you can use it, or 2. If you don’t have a signature, you will be asked to create one. You can create a new signature on a landscape view which will open up when you tap the signature button.

Step #5. Return to the document for which you need to sign and place your signature at the desired place. Remember, you can also resize your signature by first dragging it to the spot and then using the blue corners.

You may also change the color of the signature by using colored circles given at the bottom. Tap the “Done” button at the top right of your screen.

You need to sign and place your signature at the desired place, then tap on DoneStep #6. Now, You will be automatically returned to the reply email. The document now has your signature. You can add your comments on the email body and send the mail.

You can add your comments on the email body and send the mailBefore We Sign Off …..

Please note that this process enables to open the reply email automatically, but you needn’t do it each time if you have already saved your attachment on the iCloud. Whenever you wish to write another email and open the same attachment again from iCloud, you can just use the share option and select the email.

Once the email is opened just tap on the attachment and select “Markup” and then follow the guidelines given the same way.

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