I know it would be very awkward for you to ask someone for a Wi-Fi password. Gratefully, this will be now easier for you with iOS 11 update. The new lesser known feature instant Wi-Fi sharing in iOS 11 let you connect to a Wi-Fi network without typing a password again. Let’s find out how it works.

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With the “Share your Wi-Fi” feature in iOS 11, you just need to complete setup and account login. When your friend comes around with an iPhone running latest iOS 11, then your device can let your friend automatically login to your Wi-Fi network in just single touch. Now no more need for writing a password, you just need to tap and connect quickly. Let me guide you through the process about instant share your Wi-Fi password in iOS 11 from iPhone and iPad. The feature also works with Mac running macOS High Sierra.

How to Instantly Share Wi-Fi Password in iOS 11 from iPhone and iPad

How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

Before moving to the steps, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices.

Step #1. Open Wi-Fi settings through SettingsWi-Fi on the device that you need the internet connection.

Step #2. Select the network you want to connect, ensure that you have selected the same network that the other iPhone is already connected.

Select the network in iOS 11 on iPhoneStep #3. Now your iPhone’s screen will show up with “Enter the password” field.

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Step #4. Move your device to the other unlocked connected iOS device and send a request to connect.

Step #5. Next, the already connected device will prompt with the device name and share the request. Make sure that device is unlocked. Tap on “Send Password” on that device to share Wi-Fi network.

Tap on Send Password on that iOS 11 running iPhone to share WiFi networkAfter sharing the Wi-Fi password, the blank password field on the unconnected device will be field automatically a Wi-Fi network password and will connect to the internet. The final step is to complete the process that you need to tap on “Done” prompt on the already connected device.

Tap on Done on iOS 11 running iPhone
If you do not want to share the Wi-Fi password, then you can reject the request. The Share your Wi-Fi feature won’t work for some enterprise hotspots that user RADIUS server for authentication.

Well, it’s is just a small feature that Apple’s has introduced which will only work a few times yourself and rarely when your friends come over with the iPhone. The best part is that; you do not have to search the Wi-Fi password on the back of the router, just ask your friend to tap on the “Send Password.”

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