Instagram is one the most active social media platforms these days. Be it is business or personal use, people just love it! And it’s just because of the image uploading quality and video sharing option. So today, I will talk about video and photo sharing on Instagram!

You are an Instagram user, aren’t you? And, that’s exactly why you are here reading this article. Let me ask you one question. How do you share photos and videos to Instagram?

Chances are you open the app and use the in-app options to share those, right? But haven’t you ever thought of having a direct method to share photos and videos on Instagram app?

Well, here it comes.

Share Photos and Videos Directly to Instagram on Android Device

Most probably, the majority of people know this. But I am writing this for those who are looking for the method.

You need to follow the simple steps I will be sharing below.

Step #1. Pick up your Android mobile. I hope you have some images or videos in it. Or else, you need to transfer or capture some.

Step #2. Now open any of your photo apps no matter inbuilt or not. And, choose the photo or video that you want to share directly on Instagram.

Step #3. You can see the share button on the top-right part of the screen.

Just tap on the same to get a list of apps into which you can share the picture or video. Scroll down to the bottom to see Instagram in it.

Step #4. As soon as you select Instagram, you will be able to see the app gets opened with new image or video posting screen. Give a caption and there you go!

N.B. – You can open the image and hit on share button or select the same from the thumbnail screen as well.

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You can also use camera app to share photos and videos directly to Instagram on Android. Just open camera app and use the option to preview your images.

There you get a share button and, the rest of the steps remain the same. The problem here is you can effectively navigate through the images.


Now that you know how to share photos and videos directly to Instagram on Android, it’s action time.

Pick your phone up and try posting pictures using the method I shared above. Being with the simplest steps, the process will not confuse you, I swear!

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In case you have got an efficient method to do the same, don’t forget to share the same with us using the comment section down below.