Xbox, the God for gamers, is the big-bang video gaming brand created and owned by Microsoft, spanning three video game consoles, games, streaming services and more. For game lovers, Xbox is a whole new world where all players are bonded like a family (but are foes while playing). In short, for them, staying in touch matters a lot. They love to see what their friends are playing, or share which level they themselves have crossed, or exchange game info, tips review, achievements, screenshots, etc.

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To keep all Xbox lovers together and in touch, Xbox has a community called Xbox Live where they all can start a party chat, team up with friends or compete against them in multiplayer games, stream their favorite games, etc. We all know that until now all this was limited to Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. But, Microsoft recently blew our minds by making its Xbox Party Chat available to Android users.

The Party chat inside the Xbox mobile apps, allows you to voice chat with friends on Xbox Live, similar to the Discord mobile app. This comes extremely handy when you’re not near your console or PC, or your headset isn’t working correctly on those devices. Microsoft has introduced the beta features to its main Xbox apps that will allow testers to enable party chat and speak with friends who are in a party on Xbox One, available as beta Xbox app on Google Play Store. Now let’s see how to set up Xbox Party Chat on Android.

How To Setup Xbox Party Chat On AndroidHow To Setup Xbox Party Chat on Android?

Step #1. First off, Download and install beta Xbox app from Google Play Store.

Step #3. Launch the app and sign in with your ID.

Step #4. Now, Tap on the three-people icon on the bar at the top.

Step #5. Next, Tap on Start a party.

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Step #6. Tap Invite and then Select the friends you want to add to the chat list.

The invited members will now get a notification on their device when they sign-in to Xbox app as well as on their console or PC. When your party chat group is all set, the Android app will automatically go into a hands-free call through your phone’s speakers unless you have your headphones connected.

Once your party gets started, you can do the following things on your Android app under the Party Options.

  • Make party invite-only: Select to invite new members yourself.
  • Mute party: Select to mute all party audios.
  • Show text chat: Party chat gives you both text as well as voice chat options. Tap on this option and select which you want to go for.
  • Leave party: Select to exit from a party chat.
  • Mute me: Select to mute yourself, while you can hear party audio of the rest of the party.
  • Open profile: Select to visit your profile.

You will get the following three options when you are party chatting with your friends.

  • Mute: Select to mute the party sounds of a particular person you’re connected to.
  • Open Profile: Select to see your friends profile.
  • Remove from a party: Select to kick out any member of the party chat anytime.

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That’s it!

Overall, beta Xbox app is worth it with all its features doing their duty very well. At present, its beta version is available officially. Hope Microsoft will soon integrate it to the main app as well. Till then, download and try it on your Android and share your feedback, how was it? Either drop your experience in the comment section below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.