The best way to be secure in a network is anonymous browsing. And, all you need is a VPN to achieve the supreme anonymity.

Being the newcomer in the range of smartphones, OnePlus 3 haven’t become the topic of authentic VPN setup articles yet. That’s exactly why I have come up with this one to entice you up and finish the process.

With that being said, let’s dive into the core of this post.

How to Setup VPN on OnePlus 3

You can setup a VPN in two different ways on OnePlus 3. One way is to download a VPN app and purchase their services and another way is to change few settings in your OnePlus 3 device. I am going to walk you through both the ways. Let’s have a glimpse at the first method.

Method 1: Using the VPN App

Here, you need to have a VPN app. Most of the VPN providers have an Android app. So, you don’t have to rack your brain about it.

Follow the steps given below to know how to setup VPN on OnePlus 3.

Step #1. You have to visit a VPN service provider website. Then, choose a plan that suits your needs. In order to complete the subscription, you need to check out as well.

Step #2. The mobile app download link can be seen in the dashboard of most of the VPN providers. Choose Android app from there.

Step #3. Once the installation finishes, open the app and tap Connect.

There you go! You have just paved the way to the anonymity and top-notch security.

Method 2: Using the Native Settings

In case you face any issue in connecting to the VPN using the above method, you must follow the steps given below to carry out the same process from the inbuilt Settings.

Step #1. Grab your phone and go to the Settings. (You can access the Settings screen either from the notification panel or by tapping the app drawer).

Step #2. Scroll down to see the Wireless & Network. Choosing the same reveals VPN before you. That’s exactly what we need to use.

Step #3. Going into the VPN option shows a ‘+’ button. To add a VPN, you have to tap on it

Step #4. The next step is to fill a popup form called Edit VPN Profile. The details you are supposed to insert here can be got from the VPN provider. And, hit Save.

Step #5. You can see the one you just saved under VPN menu now. You should tap on it and enter your VPN credentials to activate the network.

Once activated, a notification can be seen instantly that indicates the usage of a VPN.


I hope you have got the enough information on how to setup VPN on OnePlus 3. As you just read, it’s not a Herculean process, which needs a geek’s hands.

The only requirement is the subscription to quality VPN service. Apparently, the first method mentioned here is fairly easier compared to the second one with the native options. But you are free to choose either one of them according to your liking.

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