With the tagline “Say hello to a better way to pay” Google has announced the revamped version of Google Wallet, and Android Pay called “Google Pay” for Android users. You will be able easily and quickly make payment in stores, book cabs or movies ticket, and more stuff with the Google Pay. So, are you excited to use Google Pay on Android? Then, here’s the full set up procedure!

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Currently, the app is only available for in US and UK, will be soon rollout for other countries as well. The company is still working to avail Google Pay to all Google products, apps and at your favorite places around the world. So, whether you are using Chrome or Assistant for shopping, you will soon be able to make payment through the Google Pay directly. Let’s set up Google Pay on Android and find out how to use it!

How to Set Up and Use Google Pay on Android Phone

How to Set up and use Google Pay on Android Phone

Note: If you are using Android Pay or Google Wallet, then go to the Play Store and update the app now. Once it upgraded, you will be complete tweaked to the Google Pay. In a case, if you are a new user, then go ahead to see the process.

How to Set Up Google Pay

Step #1. Download and install Google Pay app from the Play Store.

Step #2. Launch the app and tap on Get Started.

Step #3. Set up a screen lock (If you haven’t already).

Step #4. Next, tap on “Credit or Debit card” and hit the Continue button. If you have a PayPal account, then you can add it as well.

Step #5. Now either you can take a photo of your card or manually add the card and hit the Continue button.

Step #6. Once you have added your card, then your bank will need your confirmation that it is you. So, either tap on “Text Message” or “Email” to verify your account and then hit the Continue.

Step #7. Now your Google Pay app is ready to make payment. Just tap on “let’s do this” to start transactions.

Once you have set up Google Pay on your Android, let’s know how to use it to pay in physical and online stores. And also, how you can send and request money with Google Pay.

How to Use Google Assistant to Send/Request Money in Google Pay on Android

Step #1. Press and hold the Home button to launch Google Assistant.

Step #2. Now you can either send or request money with your voice.

  • To send money: “Hey Google, send David $15 for Pizza today”
  • To request money: “Hey Google, request $20 from Samwell for the Dinner tonight”

Step #3. Once you ask to send money, it will show you the payment summary and prompt you to either use your fingerprint or password to send money. To choose an action as per your preference.

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Step #4. After completing the authentication step, Google Assistant show you a message “All set. The Money’s on its way”. It will take a few seconds to get your payment done.

How to Pay in Stores using Google Pay in Android

Visit this link to see some stores and online apps & sites that support Google Pay.

Step #1. In the store, look for the “GPay” logo or NFC terminal sign.

Step #2. Next, unlock your phone and hold it over the terminal and Google Pay logo.

Step #3. Once you see the check mark on your phone, then it’s done. You don’t even need to open the app Google Pay.

In a case, if your phone couldn’t be able to scan, then try to hold your phone closer and follow instruction on the screen to confirm it’s you.

How to Pay Online using Google Pay in Android

Step #1. Open any online site or app on your phone and select any product.

Step #2. Next, look for the “Buy with GPay” button at checkout and tap on it.

Step #3. Once you tap on that payment button, it will take a few second pay through the card you have added.

How to Send and Request Money in Google Pay on Android

Once you have completed the setup procedure, you will see the Home tab which shows the all your recent transactions, and you can find all you individual credit, debit, and rewards in the Cards tap.

Step #1. Open the Google Pay app on your Android phone.

Step #2. Tap on Menu icon at the top right corner of the app.

Step #3. Select “send or request.”

Step #4. Now you will see “Send money” or “Request money” at the top of the app as per your choice.

Step #5. Enter the amount and name, email, or phone number. There is also Memo option to send or request money with a note.

  • To send money: tap on Add Debit Card at the bottom and fill up card number, your name, and billing address. After that hit the Save and then hit the Send button to send money.
  • To request money: Enter the amount, enter the email address to request money from (you can add up to 5 people) and you can also add a note. After that hit the “Request” button to send money request.

That’s it!

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Signing out

It was quite straightforward. Hope now you know the complete process to use a Google Pay on Android. If you have already started using the Google Pay app on your Android, we would love to have your feedback in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.