Windows 10 is perhaps the most complete and more popular Operating System from Microsoft. An OS can only become popular when its functions are user-friendly. One such user-friendly feature from Windows 10 is an ability to set up a picture password.

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There are many of us who just can’t remember those tricky passwords made out of some unimaginable combinations. For those users, Windows have created this feature of picture password and the best part of it is that it doesn’t compromise anything on your system’s security.

How to Set Up a Picture Password in Windows 10

Sometimes a procedure sounds tough but when we execute it, it comes out very easy and same is the case with setting up a picture password. So should we move to learn how we can set up a picture password on Windows 10?

How to Set up and Use Picture Passwords in Windows 10

Step #1. Log in with your Microsoft account credentials in your PC, if you still have not.

Step #2. Go to: Settings → Accounts → Sign-in options.

Step #3. Here you will find ‘Picture password’ option right at the bottom of the screen click on ‘Add’ button.

Go to Windows 10 Account Settings and Click on Add to Picture Password option

Step #4. On the left side of the screen, you will be prompted to provide your Microsoft password, enter your password.

Enter your Microsoft password

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Step #5. Now you need to click on ‘Choose picture’ option to select the image for your Picture password.

Click on Choose Picture option

Step #6. When you are ready with image selection you need to draw three different gestures on the image (just like pattern lock on smartphones).

Selection you need to draw three different gestures on the image

Tip: You need to repeat them at the exact spot on image then only your gesture pattern will be saved, so at any point of time, if you feel you have messed up the pattern just click on the ‘Start over’ button to restart this step.

Step #7. If your pattern gestures are confirmed success then click on ‘Finish’ to complete the procedure.

Windows 10 is a real flexible operating system and it allows you to even remove or uninstall Windows 10 default apps so that you can make your Start Menu look more organized. Setting up a Picture Password is just another way to show the flexibility of this operating system.

Hope you have liked this tutorial and you will be now able to set up Picture Password on your Windows 10 PC. Do share your experience here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.