A smart home device works with you; in fact, it follows you constantly. From dawn till dusk, it listens to your commands and gives your feedback or answers with its artificial intelligence. Instead of sending separate commands to your smart speaker, you can set up a thing that performs multiple actions with a single command. In Google Home, the feature is ‘My Day,’ which includes weather, news, commute time, reminders, calendar events, flight status, and more.

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And to know everything in a quick succession, just say, “OK Google, tell me about my day.” The Google Assistant will quickly brief you on your day. Read this tutorial to set up My Day on your Google Home or Home Mini.

How to Set Up My Day on Google Home or Home Mini

How to Set Up ‘My Day’ on Google Home or Home Mini

Note that ‘My Day’ can be set up by a one person or multiple people using Google Home.

First, we will go through the process of setting up My Day for a single user and then for multiple users. Next, you will be able to listen to different My Day triggers using a single command.

How to Set up ‘My Day’ on Google Home for Single User

The user has to turn on personal results to listen to My Day briefing.

Step #1. Launch Google Home app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Step #2. Now tap on Menu button from the upper left corner.

Step #3. You need to check that the Google Account listed is the one that is linked to your Google Home.

You can switch the account by tapping on the down arrow next to the account name and email address.

Step #4. Next, tap on More Settings.

Step #5. Under ‘Devices,’ tap the Google Home you want to adjust.

Step #6. Toggle on the switch under ‘Personal Results.’

How to Set up ‘My Day’ on Google Home for Multiple Users

When there is more than one user connected to a single Google Home device, every user who wants to use My Day on Google Home has to link their Google account and voice to Google Home. If you have done this, jump to the steps below.

Before you go ahead, update your Google Home app to its latest version.

Step #1. Launch Google Home app on your iOS or Android device.

Step #2. Check that your device and Google Home are connected to the same Wi-fi network.

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Step #3. Tap on the menu button (hamburger icon) from an upper left corner of the app screen.

Your Google account listed here should be the one that you want to link to your voice.

In case you want to change the accounts, tap on the down arrow next to your Google account name and email address, and then select the correct account.

Step #4. Next, tap on Devices from the top right corner of app’s Home screen.

Look for the device card or the device you are setting up with Voice Match.

Step #5. Now you need to tap on the blue banner with a label ‘Multi-user is now available, Link your account or Get personal results with Voice Match. Then tap ‘CONTINUE.’

Step #6. A screen outlining the permissions will flash. you need to tap ‘YES I’M IN.

If you have already agreed to the permissions, this screen will not appear.

It’s time to train your voice.

In case you have never set up Voice Match and trained your voice, you have to follow the instructions to teach your Assistant to recognize your voice. Say, “OK Google” twice and “Hey Google” twice. Then tap CONTINUE.

If you have already set up Voice Match earlier, you are not required to train your Assistant to recognize your voice; tap on CONTINUE.

Want to retrain the voice model? Tap ‘Retrain voice model’ and follow the instructions. Finally, tap CONTINUE.

Step #7. You can invite other users to set up Voice Match for customized results; tap on INVITE, select your communication method and send the invitation. You can skip this step by tapping ‘No thanks.’

You have set up ‘My Day’ successfully on your Google Home. Now, you can listen to My Day briefing with a single command. OK Google, tell me about My Day.

What do you get on My Day?

As mentioned above, ‘My Day’ briefing includes your personal details you need every day. For example, Google Home will brief you about weather, news, commute, reminders, calendar, flight status and more. Note that you cannot turn off flight status.

That’s all friends!

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That was your My Day on Google Home! Would you like to set up ‘My Day’ on Google Home device? How many users are connected to a single Google Home in your household? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.