“Google Play Store” is where I have tons of options to choose my favorite items like games, books, shows, movies, apps, and more. I am always on the hunt for a fantastic item to spice up my free time. Whenever I come across any nice movies or games, I love to tell my family members about them and even request to have a go at them.

Fortunately, Google has made sharing items among your family members or group a lot easier now. Once you have set up Google Play Family Library on your Android device, you will be able to share contents with up to five members.

Things to Take Note Of:

  • If you had purchased an item before July 2, 2016, developers would not be able to make those contents available for Family Library. Only the apps bought after that date will be eligible.
  • Family members have the option to use family payment method for purchases not only on Google Play but also for in-app purchases.
  • You have the option to approve each purchase made by 13-17 years old kid.
  • Your family members must live in the same country as you to access the contents.

How to Setup Google Play Family Library on Android

Step #1. Tap on this link to get started. If the option for a Family Library is available in your country, you will be taken to the Sign Up page.

Step #2. Tap on Continue.

Step #3. Next, you will have to decide if you wish to make all your previously eligible purchases available or select one by one later.

If you to select “I’ll add them later one by one,” you will need to go to individual apps or movies, shows, books or games listings and then toggle on Family Library. Once you are done, tap into Continue. That’s if you have signed up for the Family Library.

Step #4: Next, you need to set up a family payment method to allow you and your family to buy items on Google Play. (Google will help you complete this setup process. Just in case, you don’t get the help, follow the instructions.)

Now, you have to swipe out the Google Play side menu.

Step #5. Up next, you will have to choose Account, and then Payment Methods.

Step #6. You will see the list of your currently available cards. There will also be an option at the bottom to “Change family payment plan”.

If you didn’t select a payment method during the sign-up process, you could get it done now. Tap on “Change family payment plan”.

Step #7. You will see a pop-up box with all eligible cards on the screen. You have to tap on the dot next to the payment method you wish to select and then tap on “OK”.

Now, the family payment method will have the Family Library icon attached to it.

Step #8. Now, you have to setup a Family Group to share items with the family members.

Just swipe out to access the Google Play side menu, choose Account and then tap on Family.

Step #9. Next, you will get the option to “Manage family members”. Tap on it.

Step #10. Now, you will see that you are the “Family manager”. There will be a “+” button to “Invite family members”.

You will be able to invite up to five people to join the group.

Step #11. Next up, you will have to decide if you want to auto add new purchases or not.

Simply swipe out to access the Google Play menu. Head over to the Account → Family → Family Library settings. Now, you will have the options for Apps & Games, Movies & TV, and Books.

Step #12. You can decide if all newly purchased items are made available to the Family Library or not.

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There are two options:

Add items automatically when purchased: If you don’t want to worry about adding items manually, go with this option.

Don’t add automatically, I’ll add myself: If you don’t want some stuff to be accessed by small children or rather add them manually, it is the way to go.

(You can remove items which you don’t want or clean them all up if you want a clean slate.)

As the “family manager,” you will be able to make items available or unavailable to Family Library. There will be toggles in app listings for items to let you do so.

If you are a “family member” and not the “family manager”, in your “My apps & games” page, you will see a FAMILY LIBRARY tab with all purchased apps and games that are available to you. In-app listings, you will see who purchased the item for the Family Library.

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That’s all there is to it! Now, make the most of the Family Library items. Like this article? Let us know through a comment.