Google’s Gmail is the most popular emailing platform with amazing features, widely used in industry and ever by an individual. Gmail is accessible from all major devices like a widescreen desktop or a tiny screen smartphone. One feature I like is an automated response to emails in Gmail. This is useful when we want to take a break from the work or do not want to attend emails and just want to acknowledge to received emails. In such situations, setting up a Vacation Responder is a good idea.

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Setting up an autoresponder in Gmail is easy, even you can do it with a Mobile App. To set up on your Android device, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Let’s see how to set up an automatic reply message on Gmail for Android.

How to Set Up an Automatic Reply Message on Gmail for AndroidHow to Setup Vacation Auto Reply in Gmail for Android?

Step #1. Launch the Gmail app on your Android device.

Open Gmail App on AndroidStep #2. Tap on the Menu button, i.e., the three vertical dots.

Tap on Menu in Android Gmail appStep #3. Tap on Settings and then select the Email ID.

Go Settings and then Tap on Email ID on AndroidStep #4. Select the ‘Vacation responder’ option.

Tap on Vacation responder in Android Gmail AppStep #5. On the Option tray, slide the switch ON next to vacation responder.

Turn ON the Switch Next to vacation responder in Android Gmail AppStep #6. Select the ‘First date’ and ‘the Last date’ you will be unavailable and need the autoresponder to sent mail.

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Select First date and Last date in Android Gmail appStep #7. Select the ‘Subject’ and write the subject of the auto-reply, e.g., “On a Vacation now.”

Write subject in Android Gmail AppStep #8. Select ‘Message’ and type the body of your courtesy message for the received emails in that time period e.g. “I have received your mail, but I am unable to respond you immediately as I am on vacation.”

Write Message in Android Gmail AppStep #9. Now if you want to send this auto messages only to your contacts that send you mail, then check the checkbox of ‘Send only to my contacts’ otherwise to send it to all the unknown mail-ids, leave it unchecked.

Check box if you want to Send only to my contacts in Android Gmail AppStep #10. Finally, tap on Done.

Tap on Done in Android Gmail App


It is indeed a good idea to put work behind you while you are on a break. But, make sure you set up a pleasant automated reply message for your Gmail contacts before leaving, with the help of this guide.

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